Thankful, Week 2: Grace

GRACE.  A word and a concept that I too often take for granted.

I have to admit, without GRACE, I would be in trouble….. real trouble!  I’ve received so much in my life from friends, family, co-workers, but most importantly from God!

Abba, my Heavenly Daddy, my Almighty Elohim!  Not only is He full of Love, but He is full of Grace.  I live in an area of the world where the image of God isn’t exactly full of Grace.  Muslims see their Allah as strict, harsh, and not so forgiving. Orthodox Jews use the 63 books of the Talmud to adhere to strict rules and laws of living.

Now, while I agree with having rules by which we must live by, the one thing that is missing from these is: GRACE.

Without GRACE, I have no hope. Without GRACE I have no eternity. Without GRACE I have no personal relationship with my Abba.

And today, everyday, I am thankful for all the GRACE that has been bestowed upon my life….. from earth and from heaven!

What are you thankful for today?

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