Shoveling Snow Insight…

They say every great writer can take any experience and turn it into a story.  I’m going to take it a bit further and say that every great liver (that’s someone who lives) can take any experience and turn it into a valuable lesson…. I’m trying to become a better liver (and writer for that matter).

This morning I woke up to fresh snow on the ground. My dad is an AVID shoveler when it comes to winter, and he likes his driveway nice and clean… so I decided to surprise him by shoveling it.  It’s no small task, as my parents live out in the country and have a long driveway; but my dad does it every day, so it wouldn’t kill me to do it once…

… and it didn’t.  I’m sitting here writing this blog and I’m still alive.  Numb legs. But alive…

… and as I was shoveling out there, a million life lessons cropped into my mind, so I’ll share a few:

1. Shoveling is like life’s obstacles sometimes.  Its hard work, not always fun, and can be a long process… but its worth it when you reach the end and see the final product.

2. Shoveling is much easier with two people.  As I was approaching the half-way mark, I found myself saying “if only there was someone out here helping me, I would have been finished already.” We are meant to be in relationships. Friendships. Marriages. Families.  We are created for each other.

3. Doing something you do not necessarily like or want to do for someone else, knowing that it’s important to them, is a small gesture of love and a step toward unselfishness. I really DISLIKE shoveling.  It’s not something I would EVER seek out on my own, but I really LOVE my dad.  Being selfish is something I’ve always struggled through, and it’s small gestures such as shoveling, that will help me become less selfish.

4. Shoveling is actually pretty good exercise! I was tired and READY to be done when I reached the end.

5. It really wasn’t as bad as I had built it up in my head to be.  Often we can over-analyse our problems and struggles and make them into something they just aren’t.  Sure, it might not be easy, but it’s often times not as difficult as we thought it would be either.

All that being said, will I run out and offer to shovel the next time snow falls? Probably not! …maybe I will just learn how to use my dad’s snow-blower!

(ps… Less than a week till I return to Israel…. wow, where has the time gone!)

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8 responses to “Shoveling Snow Insight…

  • Mom

    Very good lessons!! I also find that shoveling is a time for pondering, praying while working out. I also remind myself many times that it’s a workout that’s productive besides just exercise for my body. Contributes to an active lifestyle.

    And I love the picture. Great angle! Good eye!!:)

    Next we can get you out to get some xx skiing exercise!

  • Tim Smith

    I have always found shoveling snow to be a time to “relax”. Thank you for the insight, even in a simple blog about shoveling snow, you inspire me.

  • Rebecca

    dang girl, way to go! i also recently helped mom shovel and was thankful that S. Africa doesn’t get regular, need to shovel snow 😉

    nice writing and life lessons…you are awesome!

  • Jon

    Good stuff Mo!!! It was so cool to hear your heart and perspective regarding Israel in staff Tuesday. Thanks so much for being willing to share!! Also, I sent you an email of my address in case you want to come by and shovel one more time before you leave? =)

  • Alece

    holy crap, girl. you are a shoveling MACHINE!

  • Michelle

    Just stopping by to say `Hello`

    I love your insight on shoveling snow.

  • Theresa

    Great Leasons…but I must say…that is a ton of Shoveling!!! 🙂

    Enjoy your remaining time!!!

  • Joseph

    1st. That is a big driveway. Serious shoveling.
    2nd. Great lessons learned from the experience. It is cool (no pun intended) how you were able to take a simple life task and create a viable life lesson from it.
    3rd. Your Dad might be crazy if he likes shoveling that much. Just saying.

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