Saying Goodbye gets harder every time!

Tomorrow’s the day!  I am leaving the comfort of my family and friends in the US and return to the craziness of Israel….

I’ve been on furlough for the past month: spending time with my family, visiting friends and loved ones, sharing about my work in Israel, and mourning the loss of my grandma.  From Atlanta ✈ Kalamazoo ✈ Dallas ✈ Detroit ✈ Minnesota ✈ Wisconsin Dells ✈ New York… its been a whirlwind of traveling and emotions!

Usually after an entire month of being Stateside, I’m MORE THAN READY to return, but I’m just not there yet.  Maybe its emotions of losing my grandma and having to say goodbye to my family again that’s tugging at my ❤, so I’ll have to hang on to the memories from this trip even tighter…

Here are a few from my wonderful time at home:

Caribou Coffee ❤

Star Wars Monopoly with my mom and nephew

Mom and sisters

My nephew.... the big time skiier

The earmuff brigade

Cross-country skiing with my dad

My sister and I with our grandpa

The whole family at my grandma's funeral


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12 responses to “Saying Goodbye gets harder every time!

  • tam

    oh, sweetie…i bet that is hard on your heart. i love how good memories like these can carry you through on those tougher days. so i’m glad you got to make them.

    your family is beautiful…as are you.

    safe travels, girl!

    you are loved and appreciated for all you do.

  • Rebecca

    ag shame…sorry! i’ll be praying for you. your pictures are so fun, looks like a great furlough.

    i’m right behind you…i leave on Wed. i’ll be praying for your travels and more importantly your heart!

  • Joseph DuLaney

    Here is what this post made me think.

    It made me really think that most of us take our families, friends and day to day activities for granted. You took the time while home to celebrate family and friends knowing that you would have to leave soon. We however, that do not do the amazing work God has laid out for you in a foreign land, don’t tend to celebrate the things we wake everyday knowing they are here.
    One day, something will be gone in one of our lives and we regret this…

    So, my apologies for maybe taking this for way more than it was intended but it kind of reminded me of some things…

    Oh, Falafel….just haven’t mentioned it a while. When you get home, eat Falafel.

    • moweezle

      Unfortunately, I too seem to take my family for granted at times, and its not until I get to spend some real quality time with them that I remember that.

      And falalfel: The first thing I’m gonna eat when I get home 🙂

  • Theresa

    I am hoping you have made it ok. 🙂

    So glad that your time home was nice, except for your gramma.

    Thinking and praying for you.

  • Katie

    Praying for safe travels!

    It was so good seeing you while you were home…maybe next time we’ll connect it’ll be in your neck of the woods! 🙂

    • moweezle

      It was sooooooo good seeing you and Marc too and I would LOVE to reconnect somewhere over here 🙂 Have a great time back home (and send my love to everyone at the wedding pls)

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