One Word Half-Way Update: Shine

I was reminded in an email that it is already the half-way mark to this year, which also means half-way through our One Word 2011 challenge.

I honestly cannot believe it’s already been half a year, when it seems like I just wrote the original post yesterday.

Instead of reflecting on how far I’ve come in the first half, I’m going to use this update as more of a “re-focus” for the second half.  I feel like I haven’t done the best job of always SHINING, especially in those dark moments of life.

I’m going to re-quote myself from my original post:

The truth is I can’t do it on my own, but I know the closer I am to HIS radiance, the brighter it will SHINE out through me… and that’s what I need to aim for.

I want to Be the Light. I want to SHINE brighter this year.

2011. I’m gonna get my SHINE on!

Time to re-focus on the 2nd half…..

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3 responses to “One Word Half-Way Update: Shine

  • Mom

    Last week in staff mtg Pastor Lee talked about “stepping out in the darkness”. We as the children of God are called to be light in a dark world. I was thinking about the church as a whole. How much are we (I included) stepping out in the darkness or do we expect the darkness to come to us? I think that most of our church planning and programming has the mindset of getting the “darkness to come to the light” instead of looking at how we can step into the dark around us. And then how does that look for me personally?
    And then I thought of our Maureen in Israel and how she is not only stepping out in the darkness but living in it! I pray that God will Shine His light through you to cause others to leave their world of darkness and become Light and Life.

    • moweezle

      Thanks, mom for encouraging me! I read your comment with tears streaming down my face, because I just don’t feel like I’m being the example I should be. I love you so much, and thank you for seeing me as you do and loving me always!!!

  • tracybart

    I love the idea of refocusing!! I love this post…thanks for inspiring me to keep pressing on!!

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