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me.jpgHi, Oi, Dumela, Shalom and Salam! I  have now been blogging for quite some time, keeping in touch with old friends and making new ones. For those of you who don’t know me…I wish to SHINE! bright in the midst of darkness within the streets of Tel Aviv and the country of Israel.

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve come first from serving in my beloved Brazil, and then trekked along through the bush of Botswana.

After re-locating to Israel, I founded Shine International, a non-profit organization dedicated to Be the Light In the Darkness!

I love to travel and experience new cultures and people. I am a HUGE beach girl and adore living close to the beach again. I love to read and write and someday I aspire to be some sort of accomplished author. I enjoy movies, art, and music, and I am really am into languages…(I am in the process of learning Hebrew and Arabic.)

Please feel free to comment…send me a note…send me your blogsite…and sign my Guest Book. I would love that! Beijos….Mo

27 responses to “About Me

  • Oscar

    Hello Maureen
    I am still tring to talk with you, in my churh Ekklesia in La Paz, Bolivia, we are very interested in be in touch with Resurrection Life Church, whose i presume you belong. So God Bless you Missionary vision, we can exchange experience about haw God are changing Bolivia.
    I will send you an invitation to my facebook

    So congratulation to your blog i very inspiring.

    (Que Diso te bendiga)


    Oscar Vargas

  • Trish

    God bless you, I am praying for you. I hope you had a nice Christmas, mine was uneventful.

    Mom has told me over and over about the books she sent and how they are being spread around – it really blessed her!
    I worry about her at her age and all, but she is strong and healthy, thank the Lord!

    Take care and thanks for the holiday letter- only can you remove the snake pics from mine? They creep me out!
    Love, Trish


    Dear Maureen
    Ubrigada for all the amazing things you are doing with your life!I am so encouraged to see you so committed and willing to surrender your will to God’s will.
    I miss doing mission work…I really really do!
    I miss you more than you could ever imagine…it gets lonely here in the office at times without a soul to talk about what matters the most to me and that is Christ…altough i do share Christ with the girls i work with whenever i can!
    I am glad you have this blog…i love hearing from you!
    be blessed
    Claudia from Romania

  • Chuck Shoemaker


    Rock on! Hey maureen just wanted to say hello,and glad you are doing so well over there in Botswana!
    One of these days i’ll get off my rear endy
    and send a care package… sun chips rule! :0


  • Teri Fuller

    Hey Maureen,

    In response to your request for worship music. Are you able to be online?

    Elijahstreams.com is streamed worship music. I listen to it all day while at home.

    I love your blog. Your mom sent a copy of it to Chris. He enjoyed it very much.

    I’ll be sending you something soon.

    Teri Fuller

  • pullacreep

    Enjoyed your article about the circus, I know how (not so good) and really great that some shows can be and have laughed like you have described in your article. I spent many years working for them. Please check out my website for some circus pictures:


    Godd luck on your missionary work.

    Warmest regards,


  • mithfalath

    Thank goodness. God bless you and may many others be like you. Hoping to have an outreach myself someday.

  • Sachin


    Just surfing through the net and found your blog..Its interesting ….

  • cbgrace

    El Paso is the really spicy stuff.

    I enjoyed reading blog.

    It seems like you have served or are serving in areas that we are planning to one day visit.

    My husband went to Bible College with a guy from Brasil. That friend is now serving at a church in Newark New Jersey. The church is unique. It was founded by Brazilians who settled in the NJ area. They now have a large chruch with services in English, Spanish and Portuguese. My husband is fluent in Spanish so he understands a lot of Portuguese. He preached for their Portuguese service…and the pastor interpreted for him. It was amazing. A diverse church with about 500 Brazilians right here in the US.

  • Dennis

    Mo- While I have known you for a good portion of my life, I feel like I have got to know you so much better through your blog (and face book of course). I am so proud to know someone like you, who does what some people only dare to think about or turn a blind eye to. It is truly inspiring to know that you are actually making a noticeable difference in other people’s lives.
    It’s too bad you are so far away, because I would love to hug such a compassionate person, that I am glad to say is my friend.

  • annie

    Mo – Hi there! I saw your comment on Alece’s blog about living in Israel, and I had to stop by and visit. My heart is in Israel. I will definitely be subscribing here, so you’ll see me back! I saw the NBC video as well (actually I read every post on your front page). That is really wonderful what you’re a part of. I would like to support Door of Hope … right now, I think all our available income is spoken for, but as soon as there is extra or an opening, I would like to give.

    Your pictures are beautiful as well. I almost envy you living in Israel. I would love that. I know many people think I’m crazy, but … like I said, my heart is in Israel.

    Great to meet you!

  • Charlie Maes

    I love living near the beach too! I actually moved back to mich for about 3 months and missed the beach too much, so I moved back here.

  • Scott Richmond

    Good evening Maureen, Well it’s evening here anyway! I met you @ RLC a few months ago. I’m the usher that came and took you way from your father and friends and we talked by the coffee for a while. Well I just came across your info magnet that has your info on it and I wanted to drop you a line and say hello and wish you well. I just read your story on the trip to Ashdod and it was very moving. Well I’ll close for now. God bless you for all that your doing for him! Truly Scott

  • Rindy Walton

    Hello! just popped over here from Alece’s site and love reading through your posts! Your sense of adventure and willingness to grab life fully is inspiring!! I’ll be back! Have an awesome day!!

  • preacherpen

    Good morning, Maureen. What an incredible adventure you’ve been on! You know how it goes, you get to a blog from another blog from another blog. That’s how I came to be here today.

    Thanks for writing about your life in Israel; I would love to visit some day. You live in a land rich in history, a land full of life. You are blessed, indeed.

    I’ve been reading about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lately, and see the covenants God made with them. Is it hard for people there to see the Lord’s handiwork in the midst of so much turmoil and strife?

  • Gail

    Hey Maureen!! Wow!! Good for you!

  • knowledgetoday

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  • Joseph

    Glad I found your blog through Pete Wilsons….love the content.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting a link over at my site…I would love to share your blog with friends.

  • Jared Feldschreiber

    Hi Maureen,
    I really love this site; it is illuminating and inspiring!
    Hope you accept my add on Facebook.
    I am also doing the Mid East History M.A.



  • Maurilio Amorim

    I’m also Brazilian and live in Nashville, TN. Love your work and blog. Great to connect with you. Pete Wilson is my pastor and I’m on the church’s board.

    Um abraco,


  • simplysavlysav

    Hi, I’m Tara I found your blog searching coffee =D hehe, But Best wishes to you in missions work! In January 2011 I’m leaving for a 3 month missions trip to Swaziland Africa.

  • Ali

    found your blog through “a ten o’clock scholar”. Wow what an amazing life you have! the places you’ve been/the people you’ve met! I lived in Tonga for a short while before marriage and that was a great experience of being part of another culture, but nothing as adventurous as yours!!
    Tell me how much the Botswana you lived in is “the No 1 lady detective agency”. I love reading the books as fiction.Anyway nice “chatting” with you!

  • lupita mendoza

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i missssssss

  • malin friess

    Are you with SP? We are medical missionaries with SP in kenya.

  • Kim

    Followed your comment on (in)courage to your blog. Looking forward to following along! Blessings from Hong Kong, Kim

  • Glenda Garcia

    Message: Review Request “20 Degrees from Normal”

    Dear Maureen I Milham,

    I’m writing on behalf of Anissa and Antonio Ferris, authors of the upcoming “20 Degrees from Normal”, which is a humorous picture book.

    I saw that you reviewed Giraffes Can’t Dance, so I thought you’d enjoy a free copy of “20 Degrees”.

    It would mean the world to us if you could join our launch team and leave a review on launch day on June 23.

    Please download your free review copy now at https://authorremake.com/20_degrees_launch/.

    Not only will you get an advanced review copy, you’ll get some unique “extras” too.

    In appreciation for your support for humorous storytellers,

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