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Capturing Moments: A comical view from my window

You have to look VERY closely at this picture to be able to pick anything out, but this so resembles my life as of now.  This is the view from my window, looking down to the lot below. On the very left is the TV and crowded all around it are little heads of Sudanese men, watching.  It is actually a Sudanese bar, and anytime there is a futbol (soccer) game on, they all gather and watch it.  Its soooo African style: old couches, chairs, and tables, and junk all around, but no one caring at all.  They blast the TV, and if I stand at the window I can see/hear play by play.  Its comical is what it is.  I apologize for the quality of the picture, but its a last minute IPhone pic. (and its very dark) hehehehe.


Help-Portrait Tel Aviv Faces

Yesterday was the big day!  It went really well; we had lots of help and gave away clothes, toys, food, and of course pictures! We didn’t have as many people come as I had hoped, but the ones we had turned out wonderful!  It wasn’t about numbers, but what we did with the ones we had.

Off all the people who came we had 7 different countries represented: Eritrea, The Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, Israel, Ethiopia and Turkey. There are so many AMAZING photos to choose from, and its difficult not to post them all, but I will just share a couple of my favorites:

(and I had to get a picture with this little guy and his mom!)

(to see the whole collection, click here)

Capturing Moments: Eilat

I’m back!  From camel riding to scuba diving, here are a few moments from my weekend: (to see ALL the pictures click here)





Extreme Close Up

DSCF2179I came across this during my day in Tiberius.  Any ideas what it is????

Capturing Moments: A Mothers Love

My friend, K, sent me an email yesterday with 29 Pictures of the Year from National Geographic.  They were all AMAZING, of coarse, but these just really got me.  How ADORABLE is this:





Capturing Moments: Moremi, Botswana

DSCF2797I miss Africa today!

Mo’s Travels

Whew!  I’ve been uploading pictures for almost a week now, trying to get my new travel website together.  I’m really excited though…now I have a place (specially for pics) to display all my travel adventures.  People have been telling me to do this for a while, and I finally got around to it.  The site is through shutterfly, which my mom has been using, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Please go check it out and let me know what you think!  It’s an extension of Mo’s Marathan…..Mo’s Travels.  The link is also in the sidebar and under the Picture tab.

I’m not able to post all the places I’ve been, due to the fact that I haven’t always had a digital (yes, I’m that old!) and I wasn’t always as good at taking pics.  BUT, I’ve put a bunch from at least the past 5 years on there…

Mo’s Travels

What r u waiting 4??? Goooo…..


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