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Flashback Friday: Childhood Cartoons

Taking a trip down memory lane today…. a loooooong trip!  One that brings me back to my childhood Saturday mornings, which were designated as our cartoon watching time.  My sister and I were allowed to get up early and watch TV, as long as we were quiet and let mom and dad sleep in a bit 🙂 We would eat our animal crackers and enjoy our Saturday Morning-Filled-Bliss.

Here’s a look into my top 5 shows (in no particular order):

1. Get Along Gang

2. Snorkels

3. Smurfs

4. Shirt Tales

5. Fraggle Rock

Mind you, there were many others we enjoyed along the way… Inspector Gadget, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Muppet Babies…. after all, this was the era when Saturday was the only day you really got to watch TV as a kid.  Regular days were actually filled with school and playing outside with your friends.  But ohhhhhh, those joyous Saturdays 🙂

Any Saturday Cartoons you remember from your childhood??? 

2000 Comments: Friday Fun!

We reached the 2000 comment mark yesterday, so I decided to give the 2000th comment a little gift.  I’m excited to say that Mike Travis left the encouraging comment, so Mike: you will receive a Christmas gift directly from the place of HIS birth, Bethlehem!!! (I’ll be there for Christmas Eve again this year)

Thanks everyone, for all your continued support and encouragement!!!  Love hearing from you and staying connected via your comments!

Friday Fun: I’m a Croc Hater (and not ashamed)

I hate Crocs!

I’m talking about the reptiles, but I’m not a fan of the shoes either.  Since I was little I’ve had this un-natural fear of crocodiles.  That might not be too wierd, a lot of kids are afraid of them, but here’s the thing….I grew up in MIchigan. We have NO crocs there!

I don’t really know where it came from, though I think I pin-point it to one of our yearly trips down to FLorida visiting my grandparents.  My (at the time) uncle took us fishing and told us there were crocs in the water so we had to be really careful. He then proceeded to tell us that they love to eat dogs, and when his two labs jumped in the water I was so mortified, I began screaming at him to make them come out.  Now that I look back at it, I’m not even sure there WERE any crocs in there at all, but he just said it to scare us a little.

Well, scare me he did! I had nightmares for a LONG time of crocs eating my family. (horrid!)

So, to this day I HATE them with a passion, and living in Africa with them all around me made it intensify! (seeing one eat a baby hippo made me want to kill them all myself) You won’t find me on any Save the Crocs list anytime soon, and I will even go as far as to say that in my opinion, this is the only thing they are good for:

croc stilsAren’t they just gorgeous!!! I seriously want a pair!!!

(ok, animal activists….let me have it!) hehehe

Friday Fun

I love Fridays! I’m sure most people do, they’re the bringing in of the weekend. BUT, Fridays for me ARE the weekends (and Sats). I digress.

You might have seen the piano stairs floating around the internet (if not, you must see it), but posted on The Fun Theory site is another awesome experiment they did on making throwing “rubbish” away fun.

I love the ideas these guys come up with!  We need a little more fun in our lives!

Friday Fun: Name that bird!

Its time to play…..Name That Bird!!! Ok, not the most exciting game out there, but humor me.  I took this picture up at the Sea of Galilee, and for some reason I just love this bird.  He’s a little strange looking with those big white strands protruding out of his neck, and he had a peculiar look on his face (I think he was sitting and pondering his life goals).  I have no idea what kind of bird he is, but I like him.  

So, tell me…do u know the name of this bird?  If not, what would you call him?


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