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Who am I?

At any given day I am many different things to many different people. The role we play in life is consistently changing, and finding a balance isn’t always the easiest task to achieve.

Sometimes I struggle with the question of “Who am I?” because the truth is, it’s not always a simple black and white issue.

I can wake up in the morning feeling moody and crabby, and the next morning feeling full of hope and joyous… but that’s not Who I Am… that’s How I Feel.

Take away all the mood swings, all the good and bad days, put me in Africa, South America, or the Middle East, and the core of me should still remain the same.

So Who am I???  Take a look:

Ur turn… Who are you???

(I made this fun word puzzle at Wordle. Check it out and if you make your own I’d love to see it!)

Feeling Missed

Over the past couple of months I’ve been taking a break from many “regulars” in my life… blogging, social media, certain relationships, and Chinese Food.  Yes, I just said Chinese Food.  

BACKGROUND: There is a little dive of a restaurant (if you can even call it that) in my neighborhood, run by a Chinese family who also live here.  Once I found their place almost 2 years ago, I have become somewhat of a staple there… they even know my order each time I come it. [So you don’t think I never try anything new, there’s really only 4 items to choose from when you order] 🙂 

Our conversations when I’m there are always a bit limited, as they speak Chinese and only a little Hebrew, but we manage to survive somehow with our Hebrew/Sign Language system.  The father, who speaks the least amount of Hebrew, always smiles and asks me to sit down while I wait…. while the daughter usually cooks up my meal.

PRESENT DAY: It’s been about 2 months since I have gone down and ordered Chinese.  Blame it on my “summer budget” but I haven’t eaten out in forever, including my Chinese Take Out.  Today I decided that I really wanted some Chinese so I walked my butt down there.

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by the father, who immediately said: “Ahhhhhh, How are you? It’s been such a long time since we saw you!”  He pulled out the chair and asked me to sit.  He then asked me : “Number 3?” to which I replied, “Of course“.  The daughter came out, said hi, while the son (who speaks the most Hebrew) and I discussed living in Israel, working, and the Chinese singer who was on the TV (who I still have no idea what her name is, even though he told me a million times).  

After my brief re-encounter with my Chinese friends I left with my noodles and a smile on my face.  It’s weird to be feeling like I was actually missed by a few people that I barely know, but I honestly felt that way as I walked home….

And it was nice feeling missed.

Not quite sure why…

Every time I sit down to write a post, I end up staring blankly at the empty text box.

It’s not as if I have nothing to say… I always have something to say… but writing about it just isn’t happening.

So much is going on in my world, in my head, in my heart. But not in my writing.

Not quite sure why…  

Anyone else been there???


Last night was the first time I’ve ever dreamt IN HEBREW!

You see, I’ve always had this theory that you are really finally THERE with a language when you start dreaming in it.  I’m not saying that I’m 100% THERE with Hebrew (cuz I don’t know if I’ll ever be there), but it does mean I must be getting closer.

I still remember the first time I dreamt in Portuguese, which was a monumental moment for me, and I do still dream in my love language once in a while.

I might not ace my Hebrew tests, but at least I can have a conversation in my head at night…. how can they compare!?! LOL

unbeknownst to me... while you were sleeping!

Trying to Keep up

I haven’t been blogging much lately on here, cuz I’ve been blogging a lot over on my ministry site, Shine International.  It’s not that I don’t WANT to blog on my personal blog site, it’s just that it’s become easier to blog over on the Shine one.

Maybe it’s because writing about my personal life has become more complicated than it used to with all the craziness going on…. or maybe it’s because most of my personal life has been devoted to ministry life, and there’s more to say in that respect.  Either/or, if you miss me or just want to know what I’m up to, you should subscribe to our Shine Blog, and you’ll get more of me than you ever wanted! (hehehehehehehe)

And just in case your curious, here’s some highlights from the last couple weeks:

  • Went up to Haifa for 3 days to get out of Tel Aviv.  Fabulous!
  • Started playing Basketball every Monday Night with Refugee kids from my neighborhood. Fun!
  • Returned to “room-mate less” status once again. Sad!
  • In the process of switching majors at the university before the year begins. Frustrating!
  • Preparing for Mexican Fiesta 2: The Sequel at my house this weekend. Yummy!
  • Dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Fall Family Bliss. Always!

What’s your’s been looking like?

I’m spent!

I’ve been soooo tired lately!  I don’t know if it’s the heat, the pressure, the stress, or what, but my body has just been exhausted.  I’ve been sleeping more than normal, taking naps whenever I can fit them in, and it still doesn’t seem like enough.  I know people say the more sleep you get, the more you want…and that sure is true for me!  I’m spent!

Silence is Golden

I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I haven’t had much to say.  There’s been a lot on my mind, but it needed to stay there.

This month my blogging has pretty much reflected my life.  I’ve spent a lot of time alone, which in the past would have killed me.  Now I’m beginning to enjoy it, understand it,  even crave it.  Seasons come and go in life, and I like to call this one ‘Silence is Golden‘.

I’m about to embark in a whole new direction, which in and of itself is scary and exciting… but unknown.  I have no idea where it will take me or how it will end, but either way I’m ready to dive in.

I look back and thank God for this time of Silence in my life.  Though it has been painful at times, it’s also shown me SO much of what I’ve needed to see and experience.   It’s prepared me for the upcoming days, when I fear there won’t be much Silence at all. It has given me a glimpse into who I am and who I’ve become.

Thanks for sticking with me, even when my posts have been few and sporadic. We all need moments in life to sit back, listen, reflect, and be Silent.

For me, Silence TRULY is Golden.

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