dscf0027.jpgOne of the amazing projects I was blessed to be apart of with Love Botswana is the Samaritan Purse Boxes. For those of you who are a bit lost, let me brief you. Back in the states every Christmas, Americans all over the country put together small shoeboxes full of goodies for girls and boys (depending on ages). Churches, schools, work offices, and families from all different walks of life participate in this awesome adventure. Then the boxes get sent to the home offices, somewhere in the U.S. What happens next is great! These boxes are shipped ALL OVER THE WORLD! Agencies from Russia, Brazil, Thailand, and yes…here in Botswana receive the boxes and books (which accompany) and then distribute to children who have nothing.

Because I was the Outreach Director here at LBOM, I was in charge of distributing the boxes. We literally receive thousands and thousands of these precious gifts (about 4000 a year) around March. When teams come over and go out to the “bush” to minister, we take the boxes with us and give them out to the children in the villages. The children participate in a week-long program, with the last day being distribution day. If you could see the looks on these kids faces, and the joy that accompanies that day….you would NEVER stop filling those boxes and sending them out. It is truly a humbling experience that melts your heart. One small gesture of filling something as tiny as a shoebox with inexpensive toys, school supplies, clothing etc. can literally make a child’s year! It’s easy to do and doesn’t take a budget of more than $20. I encourage everyone, when it comes time, to remember the smile on the face of this child with her cheap pair of strawberry sunglasses. Please, take time this year to bless someone else in a country far, far away from your own. I promise…it will not only bless them, but you as well!!!!! I end this blog with a quote from one of the teachers at a school in the village of Tsao, where we passed out the boxes this year. She said,

“You have no idea what you’ve done here. You think you do, but you don’t. You have blessed every member of this village by making our children smile.” —–Enough said!

4 responses to “S.P.B.

  • Janet Grace

    Teri A. sent your newletter to me and I was so blessed to read of all the amazing things you are doing! Bless you and thank you so much. You’re lookin’ good girl!!! I appreciate what you wrote about the Christmas boxes – Lou and I did some this year and your writing makes me want to do so much more. I am going to copy this and share w/our bunch this Christmas and hope they will join in. Blessings to you, Maureen. It was good to hear of what you are doing. I’ll try to keep in touch.

  • john

    stay strong in the Lord thats awsome what you are doing, i want to go help in africa but i just dont know how to get there, God will suplly, God Bless sister

  • Lisa Walker

    I just discovered your video…I’m always so amazed by technology and our access to it 🙂 Watched this with my year old who put together a box for his first grade classroom to donate..It was very cool for us to see this side.thanks for posting what a blessing.

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