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Another wonderful surprise…

Today at soup kitchen, T (one of the homeless men), came up to me and said, “Maureen, I need to talk to you about something.”  This isn’t a rare occurrence… it seems like he says this to me every week, so I replied, “Sure, during clothes distribution.”  I was honestly expecting him to be asking for something (money, clothes, soap etc.), because he asks me every week.

BUT, this week I was extremely, pleasantly, wonderfully surprised when he told me he has enrolled in a rehab, down in Ashdod.  T is an alcoholic (as are most of the homeless), and pretty much every week you can smell the alcohol on him/and see from his appearance.  He told me he had previously been there a while ago, but ran away because it was too hard. 

“This time though, I am ready.  I want to stop.  I need to stop, or I won’t live much longer.” he said.

T is brutally honest when it comes to the difficulties of living on the street.  He doesn’t gloss it over or embellish the truth of how hard it really is. He’s a very intelligent guy (speaking 4 languages fluently), who got caught with some bad choices, leading to life on the street.  

Please remember to pray for this week.  He leaves tomorrow, and he knows that the first 5 days are the most difficult, especially going through the withdraw process at the rehab.  He said to me if he can make it through the first week, he can make it through the 6 months.  He even asked to take a Bible with him in Russian and Hebrew, so he could read it while he was there.  God is moving…..

**out of privacy and respect, I have only written the letter T in place of his name.

I ❤ Jack

24If any of you really know me, you know that patience is not one of my strong points (FYI: I am working on it and increasingly becoming more patient).  Anyways, that being said, I made a splurge of a decision the other day to NOT wait to see the new season of 24 whenever it is that I am back in the states again.  My dad was DVR’ing the episodes, but it could be years (who really knows) until I am able to actually watch them.  Not to mention all the people (aka: my sister) on fb who consistantly update their status with 24 information.  

EX: “24 tonight, can’t wait!” or “what an amazing episode last night!” etc.

Enough is enough.  So I subscribed to the ‘season pass’ and download the episode each week.  Who cares if I have no money for food as long as I have my weekly intake of Jack Bauer….right?!? (I know, that might be a little over the top with exaggeration, but it was a costly dime for the entire season.)

I am currently on episode eight: 3:00-4:00, only seven behind everyone else.  I guess we all have our weaknesses, and this is mine.  (Though, I do believe that knowledge such as using my SIM card to create a device in which I am able to control traffic lights and signals will be a huge benefit to me one day.  I am in the process of perfecting my skills as we speak.)

Oh… And yes, this is a picture of one of my ‘flairs’ from fb.  I think I’m bordering on obsession now…..

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