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Amen! (אמן)

Did you know that the word “Amen” is Hebrew?  It comes from the verb, leha’meen (להאמין), which means “to believe“.  If you notice the three letters of Amen, (אמן) come at the end of the verb form of  ‘to believe’.  This is how Hebrew is…every word and its meaning is connected to the root word.  In this case, amen is connected to the meaning of “to believe”, because you are literally saying at the end of the prayer “I believe all that was said.” 

How many times have you said Amen after a prayer or hearing someone else pray, just because its “what you say at the end”?  Do you realize that you are actually stating the fact that you believe or agree with all that has been said?  

I think amen has become such a “habit” word, we don’t even consider what we are saying.  We blurt it out so we can hurry on with our meal.  We say it because everyone else is in the congregation is.  

Next time you say “amen“, make sure you really believe in what you are “amening” to.  Remember what you’re agreeing with before you “amen” it.  And don’t forget….

You’re Speaking Hebrew!!!!

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