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DODGEBALL: Crossing Cultural Borders

This week I learned that no matter what culture you come from, we all have one thing in common: kids love dodgeball!  

This week during the Nazareth English Camp, one of the American games I taught the kids to play was Medic (an upscale version of dodgeball).  I wasn’t sure how it would go over in the Arab community, especially with the girls, but I soon got my answer.  

Each day when the groups would come to my station, all the kids would approach me saying, “doctor? doctor?” (Medic wasn’t exactly a word in their culture, so I used doctor instead, while explaining).  No matter what new game I attempted to teach, they always wanted to play “doctor” (dodgeball).  

The week was beyond draining for me, and I seriously haven’t run around and played in a long time.  Needless to say, I was exhausted at the end of each day and today I totally crashed!  Even though I was in the middle of the action most the time (my arms and legs can attest to that), I was able to snap a few photos…

DSCF2047DSCF2048DSCF2046 DSCF2049

God has such a sense of humor!

I stumbled across a piece of paper I had tucked away from many years ago.  On this piece of paper was listed 5 things. It was an assignment for my missions class; we had to do one new thing each day for the week.  I remember that day, thinking “what the heck can I do?”  …..

….. Years  later, here I am writing from my host family’s home, in the Arab community of Nazareth.  So what was on that list you might be wondering???


You see, at that time I had NEVER eaten Arabic food!  Yet, here I am today…living in Israel, eating Arabic food practically everyday!!!  Who would have thunk it??? Not me!  

God has such a sense of humor!!

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