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Golden Globes Boredom

I haven’t watched the Golden Globes in forever, which I’m finding out isn’t really that big of a loss.  Since I happen to be in the states for another week, I decided to watch them last night…. and I was completely bored!

The show itself was difficult to watch all the way through, especially if you don’t know any of the shows or movies that were up for awards (except Glee, which I was happy won for TV show).  I was disappointed that the ONE movie I LOVED this year (Inception) didn’t win anything, and the fact the Leo wasn’t nominated at all must have made me a bit bitter too.

The one thing I ALWAYS love about these award shows is the Fashion! What girl doesn’t wish to get all dressed up in those amazingly expensive dresses!  So, even though I could’ve easily changed the channel to watch a re-run of anything else, I did enjoy watching the red-carpet pre-show.

Here’s my two favorite dresses: Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson.  I think they both looked so elegant and sophisticated, and I would die to wear either of those dresses!













Did anyone else trudge through the Golden Globes?

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