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Mediterranean Monday (ok its Wed.): It’s Jellyfish Season!

jellyfishDuring the months of July-August, we are bombarded with the pesky creatures of the sea, aka…Jellyfish!  They come invading our Mediterranean bliss on their way up north towards Lebanon and beyond.  

We are reminded that they are not dangerous or deadly, but can cause bad burns on the skin where they touch you (try telling a child that they are not dangerous after he/she has just been burned).  

This morning I went to the beach to do some of my “light reading: Iraq to 1958“; this way I could break up the monotony with a few swim breaks.  Low and behold, there were jellyfish in the water.  Personally, I did not get stung, but a young girl did (and made sure the entire beach knew about it).

It reminded me of when I was little and we would take our yearly family vacation to Florida to visit my grandparents.  One year we were at the beach and a jellyfish wrapped itself around my mom’s arm.  I’m sure that she could tell the story better, as I only remember bits and pieces; but I do remember not wanting to go back in the water after that.  It was a really bad sting, and my dad had to get a trash bag in order to grab and pull it off her arm. 

So when you go to the beach this summer, be careful!!! Its an underwater jungle out there….

Any other jellyfish stories floating around??? Mom: you might want to fill in the missing parts….

Capturing Moments: Beach Umbrella Series, Rhodes

dscf1882dscf1899dscf1924dscf18862(in tribute to my afternoon at the beach)

Sunshine, Touring, and too many pictures to choose from…

I had such a great day today, opposite of my rainy one yesterday! The sun came out and now I see why people love Rhodes so much…its amazing here!  

I woke up early, and after breakfast headed to the Old City.  My hotel is amazingly located close to the Old City and the beach, perfect!  The Old City is a lot like that of Jerusalem except for a few things.  Its clean, quiet, organized, and you can actually breathe in fresh air.  There are still the same tourist shops everywhere, but they aren’t attacking you as you walk by.  (ok, it sounds like I hate the Old City in J-lem, but I don’t…honestly.  It’s just a refreshing break here, thats all.)

Then as I was walking along the pier I came across a 30 min. boat trip around the sea. The cool thing is that the bottom of the boat was glass, so we could see beneath us as we went along.  I decided to give it a try, and even though I didn’t see anything spectacular, it was fun!  

I also headed to the beach to check it out (tomorrow I will attempt to sun-bathe, depending on the weather) and alas…found a Starbucks on the way 🙂  

I took a million pictures and I have soooo many favorites already that I don’t know which one to post first! (Shame) I will start with this one, but don’t worry….there’s many to come!


Capturing Moments: Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

Summer is quickly approaching…the sea of blue umbrellas is starting to appear on the beach.

dsc_88501(Picture taken by Dudu Azoulay)

Bring on the heat!

Today after Shabbat service I went down to the beach to do a little reading.  It is sunny outside, but still a bit chilly (only 18° C…64° F) I wore pants, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt with flip-flops.  As I was sitting there reading, I looked around me and saw all sorts of CRAZY people in bikini’s and swimsuits.  There were even some in the water!!!

There I was all bundled up in my blanket, not even very warm to tell the truth, and people were wearing practically nothing!  I remembered back to when I was younger, growing up in Michigan, when I actually was one of those CRAZY people.  It would hit the 60’s and we’d be laying out, trying to get some sun.  Man, how times have changed.  I guess living in tropical and desert areas for the past 8 years has thinned my blood beyond recognition.  I barely see that Michigan girl at all…she is practically non-existent.  If I’m gonna get in the water, or be laying out now it needs to AT LEAST  be in the 80’s, 90’s preferably.  I’m ready for the warmer weather….bring on the heat!

Mini Heat Wave

Yesterday we had a crazy, hot day of 33° (91 F)!  It was such a change from the weather we’ve been having of rain, wind, and cold; everyone was out at the beach at full-force.  It was awesome!!! I have been waiting for this weather since I arrived, last year.  Unfortunately, it was some sort of heat wave glitch as we are already back down to our normal temperature and tonight its supposed to rain again.  It was nice while it lasted though, and I now need to start shaving my legs in case it comes out of nowhere again!

(Oh come on girls…..you know you don’t shave as often in the winter as you do in the summer.  Fess up!!!!)

Soon to be me…

A couple of weeks ago (before this war consumed every part of our lives) it was super windy out, so all the wind-surfers were taking full advantage.  I went to the beach for a walk and couldn’t resist taking a picture of the excitement….this will be me soon!  I am determined to try it, since I never did in Rio.  I’m just gonna wait for the weather to be a little warmer though.  I’m more of a summer wind-surfer girl! 


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