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Friday Foto Flashback: 2004 Cascavel, Brasil: Riding the Bull

This year’s world cup has left me disappointed and dismayed, seeing Brasil leave so early.  I was expecting them to win it all, but I guess they will just have to pull out all the stops for 2014, when its on home turf.  In order for some cheering up, I’m pulling out Brasil memories of better times. This was down in Cascavel, southern Brasil, where we took a group to do an English Camp. One night we went to Churrascaria for dinner and they had this wierd bull out in the parking lot.  I think I was dared to climb up on it (don’t know why else I would) so here are the pics:


So, I was feeling nostalgic today and decided to post a bunch of pictures from my teaching days in Brazil on facebook.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been told that I look more like a student than the teacher….

class-silly… Ok, maybe this was a bad example for a picture (with me goofing off with everyone else: bottom right hand corner), but there’s no law against making teaching fun!  Ahhhhh, this is when I miss teaching!

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