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It’s JULY?!?

I know… I’ve been the worst blogger ever lately! I wrote once in June and sporadically in May, and I have a feeling July might be looking about the same. 😦 Here’s why:

* I have my Arabic Final July 13th…. and I’m a bit stressed and overwhelmed about it.

* I have to renew my visa at the end of the month, which has already caused me some headaches and trips to immigration.

* I’m trying to plan and put together a VBS outreach for the month of August. By myself. In Hebrew. Enough said.

Hopefully when I make it through this month I’ll have lots of good reports to write about….. stay tuned 🙂

Trying to Keep up

I haven’t been blogging much lately on here, cuz I’ve been blogging a lot over on my ministry site, Shine International.  It’s not that I don’t WANT to blog on my personal blog site, it’s just that it’s become easier to blog over on the Shine one.

Maybe it’s because writing about my personal life has become more complicated than it used to with all the craziness going on…. or maybe it’s because most of my personal life has been devoted to ministry life, and there’s more to say in that respect.  Either/or, if you miss me or just want to know what I’m up to, you should subscribe to our Shine Blog, and you’ll get more of me than you ever wanted! (hehehehehehehe)

And just in case your curious, here’s some highlights from the last couple weeks:

  • Went up to Haifa for 3 days to get out of Tel Aviv.  Fabulous!
  • Started playing Basketball every Monday Night with Refugee kids from my neighborhood. Fun!
  • Returned to “room-mate less” status once again. Sad!
  • In the process of switching majors at the university before the year begins. Frustrating!
  • Preparing for Mexican Fiesta 2: The Sequel at my house this weekend. Yummy!
  • Dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Fall Family Bliss. Always!

What’s your’s been looking like?

I’m in way over my head

The one thing that has been ringing true for me these past couple weeks is this:

I’m in way over my head.

It’s the scariest thing to feel, but its also the most beautiful.


Yes, beautiful.  Because WHEN I come through it, I will be able to say with absolute honesty that it wasn’t me!

It was all Him!

There is no way I could do this all on my own. I’m in the midst of madness, and it is only going to get crazier.

  • Learning 2 very difficult languages at the same time (Hebrew and Arabic)
  • Taking classes for my Masters Degree
  • Sudanese Ministry
  • Planning the new youth center and all that it entails (which is a lot, I’m learning)
  • Working on the ministry website
  • Homework/Studying/Reading/Writing
  • Blogging (of course)
  • AND just trying to breathe!!!

So, as you can see, I an in WAY over my head here….

Isn’t it just beautiful???

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