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Cape Town…apparently

Out of pure boredom the other day, I took a fb quiz entitled, “Where should you be living?”  Here was my result:

ctThe quiz wasn’t too far off…I completely love Cape Town and could see myself living there.  Sooooo, here’s the question of the day.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live????

Top 10 Memories of Africa

I am already being asked by many what my favorite or most memorable Africa experience has been.  As I sit and reflect back, its difficult to just pick one or two. There are so many wonderful, incredible things that happened, so I decided to pick my top 10.  I have blogged about some of them, but feel free to go back and enjoy the memories with me again.  Here goes… Letterman style:

10. My trip to Cape Town:  Mountains, Ocean, Beaches, Penguins…awesome!

9. Grocery shopping with Rishelle for Teen Mania.  500 loaves of bread, kg’s and kg’s of rice, mealie-pap,  and lots and lots of shopping carts.  We had some great laughs. 

8. Safari’s: elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras…I never get tired of seeing these amazing creatures.

7. Easter Conference in Namibia: traveling with youth on a mission trip…you’re only asking for awesome memories there.

6. The houseworkers asking for Bible’s: I will never forget the look on their faces and the bond we experienced that day.

5. Hungry, Hungry Hippos:  If you don’t remember the story, click here.  Personally, I will NEVER forget it!

4. My time at the Refugee Camp in Dukwe:  It was my first experience at a Refugee camp, and one that changed my heart for refugees.  

3. The summer of breakdowns:  From the outreach trucks to R2, there wasn’t a moment that someone wasn’t on the side of a road out in the bush; while sleeping there in the middle of the migration pattern with Teen Mania kids had to top it off…. which leads me to #2

2. Rat in the gastank:  This has to be one of the all time great stories of breakdowns.

1. Samaritan’s Purse Day:  An image that will stay with me forever.  Seeing thousands of kids opening up their shoeboxes filled with small tokens and the smiles on their faces.  Priceless!  

Last Day in Cape Town

Today is our last day in Cape Town; we leave early tomorrow morning for another 14 hour drive to J’burg. I’m sad to go…there is just so much I still want to do, but I must admit that I’m tired of living out of a suitcase too. I just loved my time here, and the weather was awesome. Today was the first day that it was overcast and windy, other than that it was sunny and warm everyday. Just being at the beach made the whole trip for me and I will miss that so much. But life must return to normal, and its back to the desert for me. I am just so grateful for the time I was able to spend here and the opportunity to come. Cape Town is a wonderful city…anyone who has the chance to come, must! For me…my time has come, but not without some fantastic memories 🙂


CT…Day 1

Today the highlight was going to Bolders Beach with all the penguins. They really are cute little guys, even though their offical name is the jackass penguin….don’t ask me why. You just want to pick one up and put it in your pocket to take home (although I don’t recommend it). It’s hilarious to see them just walking around on the beach next to people laying out and swimming. We also went to the fishermans warf, where I ate calamari (yumm) and drove to some smaller beach towns. It was so awesome to use my new camera to take lots of pics….I never imagined what a difference a good camera makes when taking pictures. It’s like night and day!(click below on the title to see the photos)(Penguins) (I’m too cute!) (Bolders Beach)

Cape Town

I finally arrived in Cape Town today at 5:00pm….and it was like coming home 🙂 Cape Town is so much like Rio, its incredible….the beaches, mountains, scenary etc. Just the smell of the ocean again was a sweet aroma to me. It took around 20 hours of driving in 2 days to arrive, as we drove the “garden route” to see some of the coast and mountains. I am completely “driven out” and I don’t really want to set foot in my car again for a couple of days. We have many things planned while we are here, but my #1 priority is the beach (of course). Now, I need to get some rest and try to sleep early before the activities begin!

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