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שנה טובה! Happy Jewish New Year!

Today is the Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashana, the New Year.  This Jewish year is 5771… as you can see a bit older than our current 2010.

One thing I love about living in Israel has been learning more about the rich Jewish culture I am apart of. Bringing in the new year with apples, honey, and pomegranates are a few things we eat as well as hearing the shofar blowing across the land.

In honor of the celebration and the New Year, I am spending a few days up north in Haifa, to get away for the busyness and craziness of Tel Aviv.  I didn’t hear too many shofars blowing up here last night, but I did hear lots of booming firecrackers.

As most of you are beginning a new school year back home, and fall is approaching, it’s a new season for you as well…. even if it doesn’t involve a new calendar year.  So, Happy New Year from the Holy Land… lets make this one a great one!

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