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Capturing Moments: Cesaria (קיסריה)

This one’s for you mom!


Call of the Wild

On my trip to קיסריה (Cesaria), we were just looking around, exploring the ruins….when we came to the caves where they would keep the animals chained up before the Gladiator events.  As we were sitting in the entrance we heard a squeaking noise, so Dudu went to check it out.  

The squeaking was a whole-lot of bats getting it on in their bat cave!  Seriously, it was the middle of the day….shouldn’t they be sleeping or something?!?  

I don’t know why, but for some reason everywhere I go I manage to see animals in their mating rituals (In Botswana, I once had to literally drive around 2 donkeys who couldn’t even wait until they crossed over to the other side of the road!). Ostridges, donkeys, goats, lions, zebras, dogs, cats, birds, etc. and now bats!!!  Why me??? Its not something I necessarily want to see; but, if I’m gonna see it, I might as well get it on video…..hehehee.

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