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Agada Week

mime-attachment-18This week in Hebrew class we started reading Agadot (אגדות). An agada is a fairy tale or legend.  Depending on how it is used, it can also be a folk tale or a fable.  Today we read about Andromeda from Greek Mythology, which just happens to take places in Jaffa. (go figure!)

During the rest of the week, each student has to choose an agada and tell the story to the rest of the class IN HEBREW!  It’s our first oral presentation, and I’m a bit nervous about it.  Mine is on Thursday, so at least I have a few days to prepare.

I’ve decided to tell an African Folk Tale about Why Cheetah’s Cheeks Are Stained’. Before I left Africa I bought a book of African Folk Tales relating to all the animals in the bush.  This story is by far my most favorite of them all (not to mention the cheetah is my favorite cat as well).  So, now I need to go practice, practice, practice…..

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