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It’s that time of year!

Morning ritual:

6:22: alarm goes off (and I press snooze)

7 minutes later + another 7 minutes later: its ringing again

6:45: I’m finally up-ish. boil water for coffee. do morning stuff. 1st cup of hot coffee 🙂 hmmmmmmmm

7:35: leave for school with 2nd cup of hot coffee in my take-away mug.


Summer has arrived (or is slowly arriving) so I’m losing my 2nd cup of take-away hot coffee and replacing it with an iced-cafe when I get home!

Even as I’m sitting here typing this blog, I’m sippin on my Iced-cafe…

Anyone else as excited as I am for warm weather and Iced-cafe’s???

How do u like ur coffee?

My days of fru-fru coffee drinking are over.  While I was home on furlough, I was LOVING drinking all that flavored/Christmasy/holiday/Caribou coffee wonderfulness…..

Gingerbread lattes, Pumpkin Spices, Skinny White Mochas, Raspberry Northern Light Lattes, Peppermint Coffee Mate, Campfire Mochas……

But those days are over!

I’m back to drinking my strong, black coffee (with sugar!), since none of those other drinks exist here.  Even though my pallet is missing all the delicious flavors (I must admit) I am still happy with my black coffee.

So, here’s my question for all of you: how do u like ur coffee? What’s your SIGNATURE FLAVOR?

Let’s see how diversified my coffee-drinking friends are……

A few random pics for some not-so-random friends…

My friend, Val, asked me if I have any pics with the view from my varanda.  I have two, which I took when the storm clouds were coming in for our first rain of the year a couple weeks ago. Keep in mind they’re from my phone, so not the best quality….


and here I am, happy as can be with my coffee, sent by another dear friend, Joseph, a month ago.  Even though I’m not sippin on Holiday Latte’s, I’m still enjoying a bit of Starbucks flavor….


and lastly, here is a picture from a shelf in my room, reminding me everyday about my darling African Intern, Rishelle, who bought me a Rhino Bush Baby before she left….


The Final Countdown

The wait is over.

My bags are packed.

I’m on my way.

I’ve been waiting for this day for over a month now… as the anticipation has grown, so has the list of things I am looking forward to during my visit.  My flight leaves today, and after 12 hours in Paris, I will continue my journey back home.  Here is my Top 10 List for What I’m Looking Forward To Most:

10. Fall! The colors of the leaves, smell of the night, and a bit cooler weather (though not too cool, I hope!)

9. American Football! There’s nothing like college football games on a Saturday afternoon.

8. Mexican food! Enough said.

7. Speaking of food….The sequel of The Volcano Taco Eating Contest with Micheal, my nephew!  I’m giving him another chance to redeem his loss from last year. (in case you missed it the first time around)

6. Riding my mom’s horses with her!

5. Not having ANY Hebrew classes for 3 weeks!

4. Taking LOOOOOONG, Hot showers! Not having to worry about the water crises and going beyond our limit.

3. Caribou Coffee! (or Starbucks as my backup)

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s! (or anything Pumpkin for that matter)

1. Spending time with my FAMILY! This is what I want MOST!

True Friendship

There are many faces to friendship….but to someone living outside the country, who has run out of coffee beans, and has been drinking crappy coffee for the past 3 days, THIS is the truest form:

DSCF2220Thanks, @jcdulaney!!! You have saved this girl many long, frustrating good-coffee-less days… 

Not another coffee blog….

Yep! It’s another coffee blog, so go grab a cup and join me…

Normally, I am a coffee with sugar drinker only.  I am lactose intolerant, so cream isn’t an option for me, but Africa also had an impact on my coffee drinking.  There are no froofy-schmoofy flavors to choose from in Maun, Botswana, if fact…there’s no good coffee at all (unless you are into Ricofee or Ace chicory…gross!) Thanks to the wonderful people in my life who sent me coffee beans while I was there, I actually survived. Ok, I digress.  Anyways, the point being that I got accustomed to drinking coffee with just sugar.

BUT, back in the states coffee with just sugar doesn’t seem to be the norm.  You can go to Starbucks and order a carmel macchiato, double shot, triple whip, venti, soy milk, extra carmel etc.  A bit different from putting a few spoons of sugar in the coffee.  So, I decided when in Rome….

I don’t have the funds to go to Starbucks everyday to feed my habit, so I started out small.  My sister was gracious enough to get me two bottles of Coffee Mate, Cinnamon Vanilla and Coconut Late (which are lactose free by the way).  I’ve been putting the flavors in my coffee for the past 3 mornings and I think I’m now hooked. It is sooooo good!!!  

Ummm, I hope Israel has Coffee Mate, or I’ll be back to coffee with sugar.  I guess that temporary bliss is better than no bliss at all 🙂

Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Yellow Bourbon

My mom brought me two new types of coffee beans, one being Tanzanian Peaberry and the other, Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Yellow Bourbon.  Naturally I choose to try the Brasil one first (no offense Tanzania), but this one reigns from the state of Sao Paulo, close to the Minas Gerais state border. (I did my homework) The beans come from an organic farm, or “green” to be politically correct.  This coffee is not only award winning, Cup of Excellence, its also not massed produced, choosing quality over quantity.  

All this to say….YUMMMM! I made the right choice this morning, and I’m enjoying my Cup of Excellence from my beloved Brasil.

ps. Don’t panic!  Tomorrow I will try the Tanzanian Peaberry and let you know the outcome of that too.

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