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Hats on or off?!?

Yesterday during Food Distribution I had a strange little conversation (a term I use very lightly) with a 10-year old boy who likes to come “help” everyday.  He is a a refugee from Eritrea, but likes to hang out with us as much as possible.  Anyways, it was super cold outside, so I was all bundled up…..hat, scarf, gloves etc. which led to our stimulating conversation… (Mind you, I am translating as best as can be done, as the conversation was in Hebrew)

E: Why are you wearing a hat?

Me: Because its cold outside.

E: You like hats?

Me: Yes. I like them.

E: But girls shouldn’t wear hats. It’s not right.

Me: Why not?

E: Its just not good.

Me: But, why not?

E: Only boys wear hats.

Me: Then what can I do? Its cold out.

(to which he just looked at me for a few seconds and shrugged his shoulders with a “what are you talking about” look)

E: Its just not good.

Me: But, why not?

E: Its just not good.

Me: Hmmmmm.

Communication at its finest there!

Two very odd peas in a pod

One of the biggest issues the refugees I work with face is not being able to find jobs.  With the economy as it is (and I know this is a problem many people face today) not being permitted to work (no work visa) makes it even more difficult for them to support themselves and their families.

The other day I was riding my bus to school in the morning and I saw a woman that comes to the Food Distribution each week.  I smiled and waved at her; she smiled and waved back, acknowledging my presence on the bus.

After a few stops people got off, so I went back and stood next to where she was sitting. We greeted each other and I asked her what she was doing all the way on the north side of the city.  She told me she found a job for the week, cleaning a house in Ramat Aviv.  I was so excited to hear she found some work, even if it was only for a week.  We then continued to converse in our broken Hebrew until we arrived at the University and I got off.

The funny thing, throughout the ride, was the way people were looking at us.  I can only image what we looked like: two very odd peas in a pod… one American girl and one Eritrean refugee speaking in a language that is neither their own.

But for me it was comfort.

Though the differences were clear and obvious to most, for me they didn’t exist on that ride:  There were no color differences…. no boundary or origin differences…. no language differences… no status differences….

There were only two friends… talking about life, family, jobs, etc. on a bus in the morning hours of the day.

And I jumped off that bus happy…..

Because, this is what makes everything else WORTH it all!

Technology Free

As you read in my previous post, I am heading south for the winter…. well, just 4 days… and not so much winter, but end of summer. Usually when I travel I take my laptop with me, so I can be connected to the outside world when possible.  This time I am purposely leaving him behind.

No Blogging

No Twitter

No Facebook

No Email

I know! It’s only 4 days! But, 4 days without any communication can be a long time when you are accustomed to it everyday; therefore, this will be so good for me.  I need it.  Too much is going on with me, my family, schooling, finances, ministry etc. that I feel like this time away from all methods of COMMUNICATION is something that is completely necessary for my mental, spiritual, and even physical health.

I’m sure you’ll all survive without me for a few days, and some of you might not even notice I’m gone…. and when I do return, I hope to be refreshed, renewed, and ready to travel again! Until we meet again…

TII #4 Missent to Thailand

Yesterday my roommate noticed an envelope in someone else’s mailbox addressed to me.  We grabbed the letter and on the front was a stamp saying, “Missent to Thailand.”  

Thailand??? Thailand??? Yeah, thats a clear mistake for Israel!!!

Then I noticed the date of the sent stamp from Winterset, IA…April 21, 2009.  2 months ago?? It took 2 months to get my birthday card from my friend K?  Are you kidding me??? It only took a couple days from the package from South Africa and this was only a card.

Thanks, K for the birthday card, and sorry its only 2 months in the making. lol


Pen Pals

Do you remember the days of Pen Pals??? 

I had a pen pall in 6th grade…actually it was my entire 6th grade class.  We were pen pals with another 6th grade classroom in Canada, and at the end of the year we went to their school for a day, and then they came to ours.  I can still remember getting mail from my pen pal, it was like the highlight of the day!!!

Well, guess what?!? I have a pen pal again!!! Yesterday, I got a package in the mail from my new friend, Kristi, who serves in South Africa.  We became friends through blogs, and she is one of those amazing people who still likes to use ‘snail mail’.  I love that about her, not too many people even send letters or cards in the mail anymore.

I have mentioned this before, when I lived in Africa, but I will say it again (and again, and again….)  There is just nothing like getting mail when you live far away from your family and friends!  It literally makes your whole day!!! Needless to say, Kristi made my day today!  Now I need to get going and send one back to her……

It’s all Greek to me!

This morning I attended a church here in Nicosia.  The service was all in Greek of course, but luckily I had a translator (thanks, Penny!). As we sang some hymns, I thought about how many different services I have attended all over and in how many different languages.  It was a pretty cool thought, one that made me want to learn Greek so bad.  I know I am focusing on Hebrew right now, but every time I go somewhere with a new language I always wish I spoke that one as well.  I can’t fathom how easy communication must have been pre-Babel times.  But from someone who loves languages I often think…now where is the challenge in that?!?  

One language??? Come on!  I guess God knew what He was doing, if nothing other than stimulating the brains of people like me 🙂

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