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Capturing Moments: Tel Aviv White Night

Last night was the annual WHITE NIGHT in Tel Aviv.  Every July 1st Tel Aviv celebrates various cultures and the arts by putting on a city-wide show… full of music, performances, dances, cultural experiences, food and drink…. oh, and everyone is supposed to be in all WHITE.

There were people everywhere and the vibe was full of energy.  Along Rothchild Street the theme was World Cup, with many different countries represented.  It was pretty cool to watch the Spanish dancers, a US Old-Timers Jazz Band, Elvis lip-singers, Brazilian Samba, and even Italian Opera singers in Drag. (Interesting to say the least)  The beach was also jam-packed with people! Here’s a quick glimpse:


I made it…

through the semester.

I told myself back in October that if I could JUST make it through this semester… and well, I did!  There were definitely many challenges and obstacles throughout these past 4 months: boring lectures, Hebrew, Arabic, ministry, the swine flu, family issues, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, relationship ups and downs, loosing a dear friend, and everything else the comes in between.

And although I keep telling myself the hard part is over, I know it’s really just begun…

What’s next?

Only writing three 20-30 page research papers for each topic by June.  Urgh.  But, for today, I’m taking a little Gaga advice and doing something I haven’t done in a LONG time….. AND JUST DANCE… gonna be ok…d-d-d-dance!

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