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Chanukah, Day 3: Sufganiyot

page_1No holiday would be complete without the traditional fatening foods that accompany it.  Here in Israel we also have this very thing, called sufganiyot.  Sufganiyot are like American-style donuts, except without the hole in the middle.  They are deep-fried (all Chanukah food is, going along with the theme of the miracle oil) and filled with strawberry or raspberry jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Sufganiyot carry the added pleasure of around 500-700 caleries each, so its been said if you eat too many sufganiyot during Chanukah, you end up looking like one!  I say, you always seem to put on a few kilos during the holiday season, so go ahead and indulge in this once a year holiday treat! (Even though the sufganiyot in these pics were ‘mini’ and about half the size of a real one.)

Tomorrow: Chanukah and Christmas, Biblically

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