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The blending of two foreign words to form a Hebrew one, thats the charm of external cultural influence here.  

There is a channel on TV called Yesababa.  It is like the Family Channel in the states, playing kids shows and family movies etc. but all in Hebrew.  On all the movie channels, all the films are still in English, but with Hebrew subtitles. I discovered this channel not too long ago, and I really like it.  For one, its all in Hebrew: forcing me to listen and pay more attention; and for another: its just good stuff on there.

So where does Yesababa come from? Yes is obviously an English word, and also happens to be the name of the Cable Company that runs the TV shows here. Sababa is an imported word from Arabic, meaning cool, awesome, its all good, type thing. Its become so popular in Israel, that most don’t even know its not a Hebrew word.  

Blend the two words together and you have Yesababa…the cool TV channel that your whole family can enjoy! (and me too!)

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