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Golden Globes Boredom

I haven’t watched the Golden Globes in forever, which I’m finding out isn’t really that big of a loss.  Since I happen to be in the states for another week, I decided to watch them last night…. and I was completely bored!

The show itself was difficult to watch all the way through, especially if you don’t know any of the shows or movies that were up for awards (except Glee, which I was happy won for TV show).  I was disappointed that the ONE movie I LOVED this year (Inception) didn’t win anything, and the fact the Leo wasn’t nominated at all must have made me a bit bitter too.

The one thing I ALWAYS love about these award shows is the Fashion! What girl doesn’t wish to get all dressed up in those amazingly expensive dresses!  So, even though I could’ve easily changed the channel to watch a re-run of anything else, I did enjoy watching the red-carpet pre-show.

Here’s my two favorite dresses: Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson.  I think they both looked so elegant and sophisticated, and I would die to wear either of those dresses!













Did anyone else trudge through the Golden Globes?

If money were no object…

Being the fashion lover that I am, I subscribe to the InStyle and Vogue fashion blogs to see the newest and latest in fashion. One of my favorite sections on InStyle is something they call “We’re Obsessed! If money were no object….”

I love looking at the amazing shoes and boots, the incredible jewelry, and the “must haves” of the season; but it all comes with a catch.  Each item is designer made, making a pair of Swarovski Idomeneo Crystal Pocket Binoculars a mere $1000. Or what about a Judith Leiber Maharaja Elephant Minaudier (basically a small clutch) only $6,000.

I mean, come on…. are you kidding me?  $1000 for a pair of binoculars??? With that elephant evening clutch you can feed an entire African village for a year!

To most of us living on this earth, “if money were no object” will never be a phrase we can actually completely comprehend.  Money IS an object; and unfortunately, one that speaks loudly about how we live our lives.

When was the last time you looked on a website and saw the header, “if money were no object….” and the items were something like:  Build a school for orphans in India: $6,000… or Send a homeless alcoholic to rehab for 6 months: $1,000.  How many of us would actually keep on scrolling through the list, wishing we had the money to purchase our favorite option… or would we go back to wondering if those boots would look good with our favorite pair of jeans?

I know I’ve been guilty.

Who’s right, who’s wrong?

We were discussing women and fashion during my Ottoman Empire class this week, while looking at some old newspaper cartoons of how fashion was expressed during the day, and what it meant as a cultural statement.  This one was my favorite, for various reasons, but for the most part it still holds true for today.

The way we judge others and their fashion/culture has not changed so much since the Ottoman Empire, and I might even be as bold as say that its gotten even worse.

This cartoon says it all!  Its translated from the original Arabic to English at the bottom, but you’ll notice that both the Muslim lady and the European one are basically saying the same thing to each other, without us knowing exactly who is saying what.

When was the last time you passed judgement on someone because they didn’t look or dress like you THINK they should? Do you realize that while you are passing judgement on them, they could just as well be passing judgement on you? This is dealing with much more than just fashion here…

I ❤ Boots

bootsIf you didn’t know before, you know now…. I love boots!

Moving to Israel only allowed me to only bring the necessities with me, which also meant only bringing one pair of boots with me and leaving a whole tub full behind.

This morning my nephew went out to the shed where all my tubs are and pulled out the one with my boots.  It was a happy reunion for me, seeing my precious footwear again.  AND, just in time too…its rainy, cold and dreary outside: perfect weather for wearing boots EVERY DAY!

Time for a change!

Ok!  I will finally admit that I thrive on change!  Some people need stability and normality to make them feel secure and safe, but I need change and variety.  If you’ve ever seen the Jennifer Anniston movie, Along Came Polly, then know this…I have been compared to her character in that movie by many people.  Yes, I get stir crazy.  Yes, I like to just get up and go somewhere when I feel the need to.  And, yes, I like to live on the non-plan plan.  

Well, I was feeling the nudge inside of me for some sort of change so I decided to make it a drastic one and cut my hair short.  Take a look….



Happy Feet

I’m in love……..

Momma’s got a new pair of jeans!

Last night I bought a new pair of jeans.  Not a big deal, you’re probably thinking…but this was the first time in about 10 years that I’ve bought a new pair.  Yep, you heard me right… 10 years!  

This is not to say that I haven’t gotten any jeans in 10 years, but its the first time I actually bought them new.  I must admit that most of my clothes in this decade have come from my youngest sister as hand-me-downs. Sad, I know…especially cuz she is 12 years younger than me, but happy because she usually has good taste in clothes.  Plus, I am really picky about my jeans.  I like them to fit a specific way and when I find the ones that fit me well, I stick with them.

Regardless, I realized that the time had come to update my wardrobe in the jeans department (being motivated mostly by the disappointing fact that my favorite pair is now missing).  After a bit of browsing I found a pair that I liked (unbelievably), therefore leading to the title of this blog….

ps. No, I’m not a momma, nor will I be in the near future: its just an expression…don’t get the wrong idea!

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