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(One Day After) Thanksgiving Day Bliss

What began as a Freak-Out Thanksgiving, ended up a Fantastic one!  While there were a couple moments of doubt, skepticism and “There’s a bubble!” the moments of eating delicious turkey, stuffing (from scratch) mashed taters, sweet potatoes, cranberries (we actually had some, and fresh ones at that), and both pumpkin pie and apple crisp for desert erased all else.

I honestly think that getting the turkey fresh from the market is the key, cuz it was the best turkey I’ve ever had!!! (and I’m not just saying that because I cooked it).

Turns out that Becca makes the most amazing, incredible, mouth savoring Apple Crisp IN THE WORLD! We taught our friends from Finland/Holland/Israel all about Thanksgiving Day Traditions (including American Football, Chia Pets, and Aluminum Trees w/rotating light discs….don’t ask!) We played a bit of Texas Hold-Um using 10 Cent Shekels, and all in all, it was a wonderful day!  You wanted to see some pics, so here you go….

The infamous “tweezing” of the quills and feathers left on the turkey (I finally got smart and starting using my tweezer instead of killing my fingers):

Our guy Before and After:

(To see the entire Thanksgiving collection, click here)

Hope Everyone had as wonderful a day as I did!!! Now….on to Christmas/Chanukah!

and the winner is……kosher (ummm, not so much)!


I had originally wrote this post back in April of this year, when swine flu peeked its nasty head into the world.  Well, 7 months later, and I’m singing a new tune.  I guess I wrote a little hastely about the outbreak (now called H1N1), cuz here’s the thing:

I GOT IT 😦 (and its spreading through Israel, like the States too)

Yep.  I got hit by the little pig-snorting flu, and let me just say its not fun at all! Those pigs know how to take vengence on the human race.  I’m spending lots of time in bed, drinking lots of OJ and cough syrup, and feeling pretty miserable.

This isn’t over PIG!  I will survive you’re evil plan…..

(Here’s the original post:)

This is one good thing about living in Israel ……. I don’t think we will be seeing any of those Swine Flu Outbreaks over here.

(Finally, a good reason to eat kosher)


…and that baby pig is way too cute to eat….doesn’t anyone remember the movie, Babe?

Update:  Oh no!  It looks like we have a case.  Someone came back from Mexico, but luckily he’s been detained and treated….whew!  We won’t stand for any type of flu that is NOT kosher!!! 🙂

Update #2: 2nd case in Kfar Saba has been confirmed.  Another man returning from Mexico, expected to make a full-recovery.  Why r Israeli’s going to Mexico???????


Fly Me To The Moon

There’s a Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv that I completely adore called Moon.  If it weren’t so expensive, I’d eat there all the time!  I love Sushi!  It’s a fact!

If I were called to Japan, other than the language, I really wouldn’t mind at all.  I could totally live off of rice, sushi, tea, and noodles (ohhhh, not to forget the miso soup).  This past weekend a friend treated me to dinner at Moon, so I took a couple pics on my Iphone.  My Cherry Blossom Tea came in the most adorable teapot and cup, and I really wanted to take it home with me.


Volcano Taco Eating Contest: The Rematch!

I know you have all been dying to find out what happened with our annual Volcano Eating Contest while I was in the States.  Well, wait no more….here are the pics and results of the rematch (the 1st contest I won hands down, here is the recap in case you missed it) We started with one taco, and moved on to the Ultimate Volcano Nachos.  The jalapeno peppers they put on there were a killer, plus we added lots of HOT sauce to spicen-up the contest.

DSCF2505DSCF2508DSCF2510DSCF2512But in the end, after the last nacho chip was eaten, we had to declare it a tie!  We both lasted without water for quite a while after.  I guess my little Micheal (who isn’t so little any more) has managed to catch up with me FOR NOW!  I’m determined to win back my SOLO TITLE of CHAMPION… I guess we will just really have to add some super spicy extras next round!

The Final Countdown

The wait is over.

My bags are packed.

I’m on my way.

I’ve been waiting for this day for over a month now… as the anticipation has grown, so has the list of things I am looking forward to during my visit.  My flight leaves today, and after 12 hours in Paris, I will continue my journey back home.  Here is my Top 10 List for What I’m Looking Forward To Most:

10. Fall! The colors of the leaves, smell of the night, and a bit cooler weather (though not too cool, I hope!)

9. American Football! There’s nothing like college football games on a Saturday afternoon.

8. Mexican food! Enough said.

7. Speaking of food….The sequel of The Volcano Taco Eating Contest with Micheal, my nephew!  I’m giving him another chance to redeem his loss from last year. (in case you missed it the first time around)

6. Riding my mom’s horses with her!

5. Not having ANY Hebrew classes for 3 weeks!

4. Taking LOOOOOONG, Hot showers! Not having to worry about the water crises and going beyond our limit.

3. Caribou Coffee! (or Starbucks as my backup)

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s! (or anything Pumpkin for that matter)

1. Spending time with my FAMILY! This is what I want MOST!

God has such a sense of humor!

I stumbled across a piece of paper I had tucked away from many years ago.  On this piece of paper was listed 5 things. It was an assignment for my missions class; we had to do one new thing each day for the week.  I remember that day, thinking “what the heck can I do?”  …..

….. Years  later, here I am writing from my host family’s home, in the Arab community of Nazareth.  So what was on that list you might be wondering???


You see, at that time I had NEVER eaten Arabic food!  Yet, here I am today…living in Israel, eating Arabic food practically everyday!!!  Who would have thunk it??? Not me!  

God has such a sense of humor!!

Mediterranean Monday: Israeli Salad

It’s back! I haven’t done a Med. Monday in quite some time and I’ve been missing it. As a special come-back post, I made a short video of me making Israeli Salad.  Yes, you heard correctly…. I am going to actually prepare it myself!!!  Take a look….

(Don’t worry, its not actually that long…after the credits the song goes on for a bit)

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