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Volcano Tacos

Taco Bell has a new promo taco called the Volcano Taco.  We saw a commercial the other night for the new taco, which was made out to be this burning, spicy, blow steam out of your head type of hot.  Micheal and I decided to have a Volcano eating contest. We would both eat the taco and whoever had to take a drink first looses. We were both pretty pumped, but after eating it, we were both disappointed….it wasn’t very hot at all.  We needed a new strategy.

Round 2:  We decided to go at this contest from a new angle.  We still would eat the Volcano Taco, but this time with the hottest-hot sauce added to it.  Then if we finished the first one, we would eat another one. Here’s how it played out:

Here we are getting ready to begin the competition:

The first bite: (notice the impressive unity we have with our bites)

More eating:

Micheal in pain and ready to give up any minute:

And he finally does:

Which makes me the WINNER!!!!!

All I have to say is that I LOVE me some hot and spicy, so don’t mess!  The best part of the entire competition was being able to drink my beloved Guarana, from Brazil.  Priceless!

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