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Reaching the next generation

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak at my aunts church in Minnesota about Botswana.  While speaking at churches is a regular occurance for a missionary during furlough, its usually done speaking to adults in the main service.  Now, from a missionary perspective, this is practical in many ways.  

1. Its the adults who support you financially and spiritually.

2. The adults can grasp the “big picture” of what your ministry is trying to accomplish.

3. Its just what you do.

….but sometimes we need to put practical aside and reach out beyond “practical”.

Sooooo, being that my aunt is the children’s pastor for her church, she also asked me to come back and give a presentation to the kids.  I have to say, I was more excited about the prospect of speaking with children than adults (thats probably my teaching background coming out).  I put together a slide show, I brought fun show-n-tell items for them to see, and we put together a “what they eat” segment where I actually cooked fried cabbage in front of them and they could taste it.  (Most of them weren’t too thrilled about the fried cabbage, but they LOVED the fat cakes we made.)  I also shared the differences between being a kid in the US verses being a kid in Botswana.

Overall, it was awesome!  They loved the pictures, the food, the stories, and all the animals they saw.  As I was leaving I realized how important it is to bring awareness to children about other cultures and areas of the world and how we can help them.  If we are going to try to make an impact on our world, we need to start not only reaching out to those who can help us now, but also to those who will be out there doing the work in the next generation. Adults are important to reach, but lets not forget the children! As Whitney says, “I believe the children are our future.”  hehehe

K’zoo to Cedar Point to Marysville and back to K’zoo

This past week I spent time traveling with my sister and nephew.  We started out going to Cedar Point, one of the biggest amusement parks there is (located in Sandusky, Ohio).  I used to go every summer when I was younger, which became a highlight of my time off school.  Well, things have changed a bit for me.  The older you get, the less apt you are to enjoying standing in lines for hours.  While my thrill for the actual rollercoasters has not changed at all, my overall impression of the whole package has.  After a day of walking around, standing in lines, and riding rides I was absolutely exausted: physically and mentally.  When all was said and done, I had lots of fun…but enough to hold me over for a few years to come.

After our rollercoaster adventures we ventured back to my hometown to spend time with friends and supporters.  It was nice to see old friends and catch up on their current lives.  I also had the opportunity to talk about Africa, what I did there, and upcoming projects I am looking forward to.  

ps.  And I got to have my favorite, Tim Hortons, coffee and doughnuts 🙂


Last night we went to my brothers softball game (in which they won the championship, by the way… Congrats!) It brought back memories for me of playing and being a part of a team like that.  I really haven’t played any type of organized sports since about college, and I realized last night that I kinda miss it.  Living on the mission field, there aren’t many opportunities to play sports.  Once in a while in Brasil we would play beach volleyball or futebol, but just for fun…not as an organized team.  I never played any sports in Africa. I love living on the mission field in other countries, don’t get me wrong; but there are certain things you give up in doing so.  I honestly haven’t missed it like this until now, but I guess thats because I haven’t been around it.  Now that I’m actually in the mix of going to games again, its bringing it all back.  I guess I better enjoy it while I can!  🙂

July 1st

Is it seriously July already??? Where has the time gone…I’ve already been in the states for almost a month now. WOW!

Driving back on the “right” side of the road

Today was my first time driving in the states since I got back home.  Its been almost 2 years of driving on the opposite side of the road in the opposite side of the car.  You would think that since I pretty much drove my whole life on the right hand side that it would come back to me easily…. you would think.

My brother and I drove to get petrol and Taco Bell and his exact words were, “you’re going to kill us.”  I had a couple of momentarily lapses when I just instinctively turned onto the other side of the road.  Oops!  I also kept hitting the windshield wipers for the turn signal, since the bar is also on the opposite side of the steering wheel.

But, we made it home safely and now I’m ready to tackle the lanes again!

Safe and Sound

I made it home, safe and sound!  The 20 hour flight from Africa was PACKED, so not much sleep occurred. When I got to Atlanta 2 friends of mine, Reggie and LV, picked me up and we hung out at Starbucks in the city. It was so great to get out of the airport and spend time with them (even though it was brief).  My flight from Atlanta to Detroit was only 1 1/2 hours long, which seemed like a blink of an eye compared to the Africa one.  

My sister picked me up in Detroit and we came home to my entire family waiting for me.  YES, my entire family, even my youngest sister, Bec.  We had a cookout, played Movie Scene It; and I was soooo ready for bed after that.  

Its a bit surreal being back home, and I sorta feel a bit out of place.  I am adjusting to life back in America…but that will have to be a whole separate blog.  

Thanks so much for all your prayers while I was traveling!  Its good to be back 🙂

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