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If money were no object…

Being the fashion lover that I am, I subscribe to the InStyle and Vogue fashion blogs to see the newest and latest in fashion. One of my favorite sections on InStyle is something they call “We’re Obsessed! If money were no object….”

I love looking at the amazing shoes and boots, the incredible jewelry, and the “must haves” of the season; but it all comes with a catch.  Each item is designer made, making a pair of Swarovski Idomeneo Crystal Pocket Binoculars a mere $1000. Or what about a Judith Leiber Maharaja Elephant Minaudier (basically a small clutch) only $6,000.

I mean, come on…. are you kidding me?  $1000 for a pair of binoculars??? With that elephant evening clutch you can feed an entire African village for a year!

To most of us living on this earth, “if money were no object” will never be a phrase we can actually completely comprehend.  Money IS an object; and unfortunately, one that speaks loudly about how we live our lives.

When was the last time you looked on a website and saw the header, “if money were no object….” and the items were something like:  Build a school for orphans in India: $6,000… or Send a homeless alcoholic to rehab for 6 months: $1,000.  How many of us would actually keep on scrolling through the list, wishing we had the money to purchase our favorite option… or would we go back to wondering if those boots would look good with our favorite pair of jeans?

I know I’ve been guilty.

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