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A basket-full of Pita’s!

survivorAny Survivor fans out there?  My parents are big fans, so I’ve watched a couple of seasons.  I like it (not as much as Amazing Race, but still). I was watching Survivor Israel (we also have Amazing Race Israel, whoo-hoo), when something awesome happened.  One of the contestants won a challenge and had to choose between spending the night with his family members or receiving immunity, which meant being sent to exile island.  He choose the immunity, so off he went.  

While he was there he received a basket of food as the gift.  He opened up the basket and was estatic!  He pulled out a pita and immediately began rejoicing.  He smelled it, held it, hugged it etc.  He was sooooo excited for that basket-full of pita (and humus too).  

Its funny how on American Survivor they get soooo excited about chocolate cake, sweets, hamburgers, fries etc.  Here they are most excited about pita and humus.  I love it!  I love getting excited about pita and humus, cuz I can totally understand, now that I live here. 

I wanna know:  If you were on Survivor, what is the one food that you would be most excited to see in that basket??? Come on all you readers/no commenters….time to cast your vote!

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