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Tuesday Nights are 24 Nights!

This Sunday is Jack’s big two-night return….season 8 of 24!  24 is by far my favorite show, and its the ONLY one I actually buy the season pass on Itunes for.

All my years of living outside the States, I never felt compelled to buy season passes. I had friends in Africa who would buy the season passes of Lost, Heroes, The West Wing; but it wasn’t until I got hooked on 24, when I decided I couldn’t wait for the DVD’s.

Last year was my first ever season pass, and this year I’ve already downloaded season 8.  I justify it as the one “perk” I’m allowed to splurge on while I’m away from everything else.

So, while Monday nights might be when you’re enjoying Jack over on your side of the pond, Tuesday nights are mine. (It doesn’t download for us until the final west-coast showing has been played).  Finally, a good reason to look forward to a Tuesday 🙂

any other 24 fans out there?????


I ❤ Jack

24If any of you really know me, you know that patience is not one of my strong points (FYI: I am working on it and increasingly becoming more patient).  Anyways, that being said, I made a splurge of a decision the other day to NOT wait to see the new season of 24 whenever it is that I am back in the states again.  My dad was DVR’ing the episodes, but it could be years (who really knows) until I am able to actually watch them.  Not to mention all the people (aka: my sister) on fb who consistantly update their status with 24 information.  

EX: “24 tonight, can’t wait!” or “what an amazing episode last night!” etc.

Enough is enough.  So I subscribed to the ‘season pass’ and download the episode each week.  Who cares if I have no money for food as long as I have my weekly intake of Jack Bauer….right?!? (I know, that might be a little over the top with exaggeration, but it was a costly dime for the entire season.)

I am currently on episode eight: 3:00-4:00, only seven behind everyone else.  I guess we all have our weaknesses, and this is mine.  (Though, I do believe that knowledge such as using my SIM card to create a device in which I am able to control traffic lights and signals will be a huge benefit to me one day.  I am in the process of perfecting my skills as we speak.)

Oh… And yes, this is a picture of one of my ‘flairs’ from fb.  I think I’m bordering on obsession now…..

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