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Capturing Moments: Inside St. Peters Catholic Church

church1There is a Franciscan church, built back in the 19th century on the remains of an old Crusaders fortress in Old Jaffa. It is even rumored that Napoleon stayed here when it was also used as a hostel.  Here is a quick look inside….

Capturing Moments: Peeping Tom: Jaffa, Israel

I’m not a fan of cats at all, but this one popping his head out at me gave me reason to snap a photo…


Capturing Moments: Jaffa, Israel

Here is a picture I took on my photography excursion in Jaffa at the harbour.  It’s one of my favorites!


Mediterranean Monday: The Holy Land by Lens

me-in-jaffa1There is one thing that is NOT lacking in the Mediterranean, which is photographers.  I have honestly never seen or met as many professional photographers anywhere else in the world, and that is including Africa with all the National Geo guys. Everyone is a photographer here, so it seems. You cannot go anywhere without seeing cameras pointing at something or someone.

Its not an odd phenomonon, considering there are so many historical sites and events to cover here all the time.  I even find myself carrying my camera with me many times (just in case).  Its quite amazing to capture an image in a place you have grown up reading stories about…………

Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Beersheva, Jaffa etc.  

Yesterday I spent some time in Jaffa taking pictures of the old city with an amazing camera (which is not mine, unfortunately).  It was so much fun and I enjoyed it immensely.  Here I am in action….what do you think?  Should I take up a new hobby????

More pics to come……

First day in Israel

Today was my first day out and about, and what a great day it was!  After a long trip and finally getting through customs (which is a whole other story in itself), I made it to my destination in Jaffa late last night.

This morning I took a walk down to Old Jaffa to take in all the sights and history.  It was already heating up and I was dripping after one hour.  Then I was off to visit with some new friends, who live just outside Tel Aviv in Kfar Saba.  It was a two-bus trip, and memories of Rio came flooding back.  I remembered the first time I rode a bus with Paula (my old roommate) and we totally go lost.  I was hoping this wouldn’t be a re-peat excursion, not knowing any Hebrew and never being on a bus here, but it ended out fine (thank God for numbers).  A hour and a half later, I arrived.

I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon with Sarah and Varya, my two wonderful new friends.  We talked about Israel, went out for lunch, and just enjoyed the fellowship.  Because Shabbat begins at sun-down, I had to leave early to make sure I could get a bus home.  All the public transportation and stores close from Friday evening to Saturday evening for the holy day.

Lastly, I attended my first Messianic service tonight.  I could share lots, but I’ll just say…..Awesome!  

I’m tired and hungry, so I’ll end here….lots of excitement for my first day, but there’s more to come. Stay tuned….

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