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Showing Respect

I was coming home on the bus the other night, when I noticed this gentle little reminder of how to properly pay respect to the combat soldiers.  In Israel, as you might know, everyone is required to be in the army after high school for at least 2 years.  Some go on to attend college, some continue in the army but, but some remain as “non-combatant soldiers” doing such things as secretarial or clerical work etc. These guys are nicknamed, jobnik (as seen below).

When riding the bus, it is common respect and courtesy to give an elderly person or pregnant woman your seat if there are none available.  This sticker plays on that concept.  Basicly, its saying, Jobnik: show some respect and give up your seat for the real soldiers.

While it might not be the most politically correct notice you’ll see, the concept is clear:  Soldiers are the backbone of Israel, and are highly respected. [as they should be, considering what they face every day!] Its not an easy job, especially in light of where they serve.

Today in the States is Veterans Day, a day to show honor and respect to our veterans.  To all of you: Thank you!!! We don’t honor or respect you enough!


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