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MAJOR School Changes

This year is going to look a lot different that last. After much deliberation, prayer, and just plain running around trying to do what is necessary to get this done I will will no longer be pursuing a Masters in Middle Eastern History…. instead I will be focusing on Arabic and majoring in Arabic Literature.

I realized throughout last years seminars that I am just not a historian.  No offense to any historians out there, but the dry, emotionless, matter-of-fact way of writing is just not for me.  I need passion. I need emotions. I need feeling when I write, and I cannot do that as a historian.  I am focusing purely on Arabic and the fervor of its literature.

So what exactly does this mean as far as schooling???  For one, it means leaving the Overseas Program with classes in English, and moving into ALL my classes in Hebrew.  It means transferring to the Arabic Studies Department and applying all over again.  It means taking a Hebrew exam in December to qualify for the program.  It also means an intense 3 months of FULL IMMERSION Hebrew and Arabic in preparation for the exam and qualification.

Am I ready? NO

Am I a bit scared? YES

Do I think this is the right path for me? ABSOLUTELY

I could use ALL the prayers you could send my way!  It won’t be an easy road, but when have I ever taken that path???

The woman who follows the crowd will go no further than the crowd.  The woman who walks alone is usually likely to find herself in new places no one has ever seen before~~ Albert Einstein.

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