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What a Week!?!

Wow! I don’t even know where to start but to repeat the title: What a Week!

I had honestly been planning on blogging throughout my One Bowl of Rice Week, but due to some MAJOR technical difficulties (like my computer crashing on me) that just didn’t happen.  Not only was my body going through a week of eating barely nothing, my mind was also going through an internet-deprived week as well. Let’s just say it was a bit rough at times.

Here I am though, surviving through the ordeal and feeling good.

The first two days of eating just a bowl of rice were rough, I’m not gonna lie. That very first night I even tormented myself before finally nodding off, debating whether or not I should just get up and eat anything I could grab.  I guess my self-controlled side won out, because I managed to get through the entire week only eating one bowl a day (except for day three when I ate 1 1/2 bowls).

As far as the computer issue is concerned, I also ended up winning. My parents SCRAMBLED to get me a new computer and send it along with my friend who arrived yesterday.  Not only is it a new computer, it’s the new MacBook Pro, which I’m completely in love with now.  The only glitch is loosing information that wasn’t backed-up on my old MacBook. 😦

All in all, I learned some valuable lessons from this ordeal:

1. I can totally survive on only rice. (especially cooked after frying a bit of garlic in the pan first… yummy!)

2. A week with no internet only reminds me that I spend way too much time on it anyways (I read 4 books, 2 being over 800 pgs. with my spare time).

3. Seven days without communication with my family is NOT fun at all!

4. I’m a MAC girl, through and through!!!

5. I’m sooooooo ready for some FOOD! 🙂

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