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MSU Football

I told my sister today during our excursion to the MSU football game that the one thing I really miss about living outside the US was attending sports games.  My family has always played or watched sports, and its been such a part of my life since I was young.  Going to Detroit Tiger, Piston, Red Wing, and Lions games were highlights for me.  Then in college all my ASU games became a staple…I even went to a few Phoenix Coyotes and Suns games while in Arizona.  For anyone who is a sports fan, going to live games are just so much more than watching them on TV.

So, when my mom called up and said she had scored 2 free tickets to the MSU football game this afternoon, I couldn’t turn it down.  No….MSU is not my team, but since I went out of state to Arizona State for college, I feel like I have free reign on rooting for all the Michigan teams without betraying my own (I equally root for U of M as well).  My sister and I went and had a great time.  The seats weren’t the closest, but we could see just fine. (I think I got too spoiled by sitting right on the sidelines at ASU)  I’m just glad I had an opportunity to go to a game before I have to leave again…..Go MSU!!!  (by the way, they won 42 to 10)

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