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My Mom’s Zebra

My mom thought I should have posted this before the messy room, so I better get on it.  I received a facebook message Sat. night from her saying that she was on a bike ride and saw a zebra in someone’s fenced-in yard with their horses.  At first I doubted and thought she was messing around, seeing a statue or something, but she was serious.  I mean, what is a zebra doing in West Michigan?  

Not that seeing a zebra for me is a big deal, I saw them all the time in Africa…heck, I had my own baby zebra, Kip,  living at my house for a while.  But they are supposed to live there, not here.  I just had to check this out!

On Sunday after church we all headed over to see this strange pairing, and there he was…grazing in the yard with the other horses.  An unexpected way to begin the week!

He looks a bit fatter than the African zebras. The economy must be better over here.

It’s Twister Time

While Ike was crashing through the south, we were receiving lots of rain and some tornados up in the north. Yesterday afternoon a tornado touched down in Paw Paw, close to Portage, where my sister lives.  We were glued to the TV watching the path it was moving along, hoping we wouldn’t be hit.  Luckily, it kept going around us and all we got was some wind and rain.

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