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The Teacher becomes The Student

Once upon a time, in a life long, long ago….I was The Teacher.  I have my degree in Elem. Education, and I taught for 6 years.  I enjoyed teaching… as with any job it had its highs and lows; but there are many days when I truly miss being in the classroom again.  

Now, my life has come full circle and I am The Student (again).  Long story short (if you don’t follow along daily and aren’t up to speed with my visa situations) I am beginning my Masters in Middle Eastern Studies, here in Tel Aviv.  Sometimes I don’t know if I’m up for the task.  After all…… 

I am on the wrong side of the desk….

I will be writing papers instead of grading them….

I am reading books, and not assigning them….

I am taking tests, not administrating them….

And I keep telling myself,God’s ways are bigger than my ways; its all for the greater good!    

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