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I actually won something!

I am pretty excited about the fact that I won 5th place in the NCAA March Madness Tournament put on by Catalyst this year.  There were over 1,000 people who participated, so 5th place isn’t too shabby.  I even won some prizes.

The cool thing is that I was the only girl in the top 10!  AND, not to mention I had not seen a single game all season.  I just filled out my brackets and away I went.  

I actually fill out brackets every year on ESPN.com, and this year as well, but I didn’t do AS well over there (just ok).  I guess thats where all the extreme basketball fans go.  But I must say, after waking up in the wee-hours of the morning, to watch some of the tourney games (4:00am for the final) I think I deserve to win at least something; so I am going to bask in this glory as long as I can!!!!!

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