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Pen Pals

Do you remember the days of Pen Pals??? 

I had a pen pall in 6th grade…actually it was my entire 6th grade class.  We were pen pals with another 6th grade classroom in Canada, and at the end of the year we went to their school for a day, and then they came to ours.  I can still remember getting mail from my pen pal, it was like the highlight of the day!!!

Well, guess what?!? I have a pen pal again!!! Yesterday, I got a package in the mail from my new friend, Kristi, who serves in South Africa.  We became friends through blogs, and she is one of those amazing people who still likes to use ‘snail mail’.  I love that about her, not too many people even send letters or cards in the mail anymore.

I have mentioned this before, when I lived in Africa, but I will say it again (and again, and again….)  There is just nothing like getting mail when you live far away from your family and friends!  It literally makes your whole day!!! Needless to say, Kristi made my day today!  Now I need to get going and send one back to her……

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