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Yad Vashem

Today I took the bus to Jerusalem to spend the day touring Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum located on the Mount of Remembrance.  It is the memorial of ALL memorials to see; its absolutely incredible!  We opted to invest in the 20 shekel headsets, which explain each exhibit you come to and more.  I learned so much about the stories behind the story and personal struggles from videos and pictures. The museum is set in stages and time frames from the very beginning to the present day.  I wish I could show the magnitude of impact this place has, but no photos or videos are allowed to be taken inside the museum. 

Many stations along the way had videos playing of testimonies from survivors who lived through that particular moment, looking back and explaining details that go along with the exhibits.  They had artifacts, pictures, monuments, and even a re-created street of what one of the ghettos was like.  They had imported the exact street lights, cobblestone paths, wagons, and railroad tracks from the ghetto itself. It was mind-blowing.

My most memorable moment though, was when an older lady was being wheeled around the museum by a younger lady.  She was crying at many of the stations, explaining various points of presentations to her helper.  I found out that she was one of the survivors and the pictures were of people she actually knew and loved.  I felt overwhelmed!

I urge anyone who has the chance to visit Jerusalem to take half a day and go to Yad Vashem, even if you aren’t Jewish or have any relations to anyone in the Holocaust.  Its a huge part of our history and an important one in making sure we don’t ever repeat this horrid act of hatred again.  


Since we couldn

Since we couldn't take pics inside, we took one outside before we went in

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