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Pesach Seder, 2 Weeks off, and a new dog….

We had a Pesach (Passover) Seder at my congregation for the first night of Pesach, to bring in the holiday.  Since most of us don’t have families here in the country, we made ourselves one big family. Here is a picture of me and the adorable Nada, who is from Egypt, sitting at our table waiting to eat.  It was a wonderful night, filled with lots of matzah, matzah, and more matzah….

I have also had this entire week (and next week) off of school due to the holiday, and its been so nice!  I’ve really needed this break, to take some time to prepare my new place and just rest. No Arabic or Hebrew for 2 weeks 🙂

And the last bit of new news is my NEW DOG!!! Thaljee (snowy in Arabic) is the latest addition to my life, and he’s been keeping me company and guarding us.  I think he’s a Shephard/Lab mix, but can’t be 100% sure.  He was rescued from an abusive situation by a friend of mine, and I agreed to take him in.  We are both starting to get accustomed to the new arrangement 🙂

Matza, Matza, Matza

And here I was wondering what I would do with all my extra matza from Pesach…..

Pesach is here

No more pita and hummus.  Pesach (passover) calls for no bread or pita (yeast) for 8 more days.  I think its a good thing, though…my hips and thighs are proving to need the break as well :{

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