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Saying Goodbye

Yesterday morning I lost my little Falafel.  She wasn’t doing so well for the last couple of weeks, and it was breaking my heart, seeing her suffering; but I was hoping she would re-cooperate.  I woke up to see my little sweetheart take her last breaths.

She is the third animal I’ve lost this year, and I just don’t think my ❤ can take much more right now.

In memory of her better moments:

Our Tasha

This past weekend my family experienced a tremendous loss, our family dog of 12 years, Tasha, passed away.  For those of you who know my family, you know how amazing she was!  We got her as a family Christmas present back in 1998.  She was a tiny little thing as precious as could be.  A few days ago my mom and I were crying together over skype, remembering that time when we would have to shovel a path in the backyard from all the snow, she was just so tiny.

As any family with a dog knows, your dog is a part of that family.  She’s there throughout all the trials and tribulations, waiting at the door or end of the driveway when you pull up, always so happy to see you.  Tasha would always wag her little tail every time anyone would pet her… she LOVED everyone!

Each year, my nephew would make sure Tasha always got a present at Christmas, some flavored bone or doggie biscuits. As I was saying to my mom, I just can’t imagine coming home without her there!

Since most of my life has been living overseas and away from my family, I wasn’t there for the day to day living like the rest of my family, especially my mom and dad; BUT, it never mattered to Tasha, cuz the minute I arrived home there she was so happy to see me… like I was never gone at all.  It was always one of the first things I did when I came home, make sure to see Tasha and give her a huge hug and pet her.  She would get so excited and start sneezing each time.

Even though she was old, and we were expecting it to happen at any time, you never quite realize how it will affect you when the moment comes.  I know there have already been many tears shed over the weekend, and I’m sure the moment I return home for a visit they will flow again.  It just wont be the same hearing my dad jump on his riding lawn mower, without Tasha barking and trying to herd him…. or when we are trying to play tennis and she is barking every time we hit the ball over the net…. or taking her on walks around the pasture and seeing her slow down on the way home because she’s not ready to return.  Her presence will be missed everywhere, and it will take time for it to really sink in.

If anyone has seen Marley and Me, then you have an idea how we are feeling at this moment.  My nephew literally grew up only knowing life with Tasha.  It’s incredible how much joy and happiness a dog can bring into your life….especially one who has been there for 12 years!  My heart is already feeling a hole in it from where Tash’s paw held her place.

I really hope its true…. Do all dogs go to heaven???


If you follow my blog, you know about what happened to my dog, Thaljee, and the heartbreak it caused me.  Since then, I’ve been wanting to get another dog, but debating the whole situation.

One day I was talking with Rivkah, the little girl I work with, and she told me she is afraid of dogs.  I asked her what animals she likes and she said, ‘bunnies’.  The funny thing is, I had seen a bunny a while back up in the town of Akko, and thought I should get one.  They are cute, cheap, less maintenance, and not as messy.  I hadn’t seen any down here in Tel Aviv, but the next day I passed by a pet store so close to my house with bunnies in the window.

So I made the decision.

Not only is she adorable, she’s a hoot!  When I let her out of her cage she sometimes goes wild, running and hopping all over the floor rug.  She’s not too fond of the slippery floor yet, but she will adjust.

So…. here’s my new addition: Kneesaa:

Friday Foto Flashback: Kip

I miss you Kip!

Most people have dogs and cats for pets, but only in Africa can you have a baby zebra as one!  I miss waking up and seeing his cute little face outside my door!

My new pet….Zebra!


The most pecular things happen in Africa, I must say. A couple of nights ago we get this call from Animal Control saying that they had found a baby zebra almost dead by the side of the road. Apparently the mother was killed or such, but they were unable to take care of him….so they called us. (By us, I mean my landlord who has a animal shelter on our property.)

She immediately said to bring him over, and we would do what we could. So, he arrived…ambilical cord and everything…and now we have a baby zebra living at our house.

He is soooooo adorable and soft. I’ve already grown quite attached to him. Becuase zebras are used to living in herds and being around others all the time, this little guy needs lots of attention. When he came to us, he was barely living and looked so heartbroken. You could just see it in his eyes. He wasn’t eating, so he had to be fed via a tube. Now, he is standing up and walking around, after only 2 days!!!

The cutest thing happened yesterday. I had left my sliding door open and all of a sudden, in he walks! I mean…here I am having a baby zebra walking into my house!!! What are the odds!

Not too many people can say they have had a pet zebra, but chalk this one up to experience. Now I just need a good name…but I’m still working on that one.

I’ll keep you posted!

(The photo at the top is right outside my door, and the one on the bottom is when we got him, and he could barely stand up 😦


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