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Friday Foto Flashback: 2004 Cascavel, Brasil: Riding the Bull

This year’s world cup has left me disappointed and dismayed, seeing Brasil leave so early.  I was expecting them to win it all, but I guess they will just have to pull out all the stops for 2014, when its on home turf.  In order for some cheering up, I’m pulling out Brasil memories of better times. This was down in Cascavel, southern Brasil, where we took a group to do an English Camp. One night we went to Churrascaria for dinner and they had this wierd bull out in the parking lot.  I think I was dared to climb up on it (don’t know why else I would) so here are the pics:

Friday Foto Flashback: Dec. 2003. Rio de Janeiro

I like fun, new categories to play around with so I’m gonna give it a try.  Some foto’s will be recent flashbacks…. and some not so recent!  Here’s one from my teaching days, back at ICS Rio.  This was the night of our School Christmas Program, me with my 5th graders.  (Who are now Juniors/Seniors!!!) Fun times 🙂

Help-Portrait Tel Aviv Faces

Yesterday was the big day!  It went really well; we had lots of help and gave away clothes, toys, food, and of course pictures! We didn’t have as many people come as I had hoped, but the ones we had turned out wonderful!  It wasn’t about numbers, but what we did with the ones we had.

Off all the people who came we had 7 different countries represented: Eritrea, The Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, Israel, Ethiopia and Turkey. There are so many AMAZING photos to choose from, and its difficult not to post them all, but I will just share a couple of my favorites:

(and I had to get a picture with this little guy and his mom!)

(to see the whole collection, click here)

Help-Portrait Tel Aviv

I am super excited about an excursion I am putting together for this Friday, 11.12.09.  It’s actually a world-wide outreach happening on 12.12, but since 12.12 is Shabbat here, I need to do it one day early.

Help-Portrait is a way to give back to the community via photo’s.  To make a long explanation short, photographers will be offering their services free of charge to those in need.  We will be creating portraits as keepsakes for families who might not be able to afford professional pictures at all.

How am I getting involved???? I have decided to put together Help-Portrait Tel Aviv for the Sudanese/Eritrean Refugees who I work with.  Most of them have NO pictures what-so-ever of themselves and their families… and this is an excellent opportunity to give them this gift for the holidays.  I have been recruiting like crazy: volunteers to help out on Friday to come and give of their time and services.  We will also be providing gifts for the children, cookies, coffee, tea etc. A time to let them know that we love them and value them.

How can you help???? I need your prayers on Friday!!! I have literally put this thing together in less than a week, and its starting to crunch down on me.  The weather is calling for rain, and that will just complicate it even more.  I want this to be a blessing to them, but also not a burden to us.

Take a look... Here is the promo video from Help-Portrait, giving a background on how this all started:

A few other links you might want to check out:

The official Help-Portrait Tel Aviv group website

The facebook event I created

Can’t wait to see some smiling faces!

Capturing Moments: Eilat

I’m back!  From camel riding to scuba diving, here are a few moments from my weekend: (to see ALL the pictures click here)





Capturing Moments: A Mothers Love

My friend, K, sent me an email yesterday with 29 Pictures of the Year from National Geographic.  They were all AMAZING, of coarse, but these just really got me.  How ADORABLE is this:





Capturing Moments: Moremi, Botswana

DSCF2797I miss Africa today!

Mo’s Travels

Whew!  I’ve been uploading pictures for almost a week now, trying to get my new travel website together.  I’m really excited though…now I have a place (specially for pics) to display all my travel adventures.  People have been telling me to do this for a while, and I finally got around to it.  The site is through shutterfly, which my mom has been using, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Please go check it out and let me know what you think!  It’s an extension of Mo’s Marathan…..Mo’s Travels.  The link is also in the sidebar and under the Picture tab.

I’m not able to post all the places I’ve been, due to the fact that I haven’t always had a digital (yes, I’m that old!) and I wasn’t always as good at taking pics.  BUT, I’ve put a bunch from at least the past 5 years on there…

Mo’s Travels

What r u waiting 4??? Goooo…..


Capturing Moments: War Tactics, Old City, Rhodes

Rhodes is full of history and war; inside the old city are remnants of that time….

and now a closer look……


Capturing Moments: Old City, Rhodes

dscf1776(Someone’s thirsty)

Capturing Moments: Beach Umbrella Series, Rhodes

dscf1882dscf1899dscf1924dscf18862(in tribute to my afternoon at the beach)

Sunshine, Touring, and too many pictures to choose from…

I had such a great day today, opposite of my rainy one yesterday! The sun came out and now I see why people love Rhodes so much…its amazing here!  

I woke up early, and after breakfast headed to the Old City.  My hotel is amazingly located close to the Old City and the beach, perfect!  The Old City is a lot like that of Jerusalem except for a few things.  Its clean, quiet, organized, and you can actually breathe in fresh air.  There are still the same tourist shops everywhere, but they aren’t attacking you as you walk by.  (ok, it sounds like I hate the Old City in J-lem, but I don’t…honestly.  It’s just a refreshing break here, thats all.)

Then as I was walking along the pier I came across a 30 min. boat trip around the sea. The cool thing is that the bottom of the boat was glass, so we could see beneath us as we went along.  I decided to give it a try, and even though I didn’t see anything spectacular, it was fun!  

I also headed to the beach to check it out (tomorrow I will attempt to sun-bathe, depending on the weather) and alas…found a Starbucks on the way 🙂  

I took a million pictures and I have soooo many favorites already that I don’t know which one to post first! (Shame) I will start with this one, but don’t worry….there’s many to come!


Soup Kitchen

This week we were blessed with many extra volunteers, so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.  I realized that I have never brought my camera to Soup Kitchen…I guess it was about time!  Enjoy some moments from my Thursdays!

Capturing Moments: Summer/Fall of 1977

2924_1121251159148_1463144270_297385_4555171_nYesterday I was completely surprised shocked when I went on fb and saw that my mom had scanned some old pics from when I was little for my birthday.  It was a wonderful shock, and  I still can’t believe she pulled the whole thing off. Here is my dad, me, and my mom before the rest of the family made their appearance.  I just love everything about this picture from the clothes, the hair, the quality of the photo and of course most of all, the 3 of us together!!!!

Capturing Moments: Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

Summer is quickly approaching…the sea of blue umbrellas is starting to appear on the beach.

dsc_88501(Picture taken by Dudu Azoulay)

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