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This morning I took Micheal to his Middle School orientation; he starts 6th grade this year.  Being back in the school, getting his schedule, meeting teachers, and touring classrooms makes me really miss teaching. Middle school is definately my favorite level to teach and being in the atmosphere makes me miss it even more.  


They said what???

I have encountered many people on my trip from various parts of the world in Israel, and some quotes were too good to pass up.  Here are some of my quotable quotes that I enjoyed…

From my Jordian tour friend in Bethlehem: “Believers….do they not have the smoke and alcohol?  Maybe I can quit the smoke.  What do you think?”

A Filipino who was sitting next to me on the bus to Jerusalem during our discussion of America: “You are very lucky to be natural.  I want too much to go to America for work, but I do not have $10,000 for visa.”

A random Israeli who was walking next to me on the streets in the Old City: “You from where?” (Me: The States) “Swimming.” (and he makes swimming motions with his arms) “8 golds today” (Me: Oh, Phelps?) “Yes, Yes!!! (very excitedly) Then he turns the corner and goes about his business.

A Canadian Jewish girl from Toronto who stayed in the hostel with me for 2 nights in Tel Aviv on our discussion of staying in a Christian guest house: “So whats the deal with this missionary thing?  Is it a Christian thing or something cuz I keep hearing people talking about missionaries.  I’ve never even heard of that word before today.”

Comparing Tel Aviv with Africa: “It will be much harder for you here than in Africa.” (Me:Oh, You’ve lived in Africa too?) “No, but I just know.”  (Me: :{  no comment)

In response to my day in Bethlehem: “You did what?!?”

Word of the day: EXHAUSTED

I don’t think I’ve walked this much in one day since…..never!  I walked everywhere today from North Tel Aviv all the way down to Jaffa and around there.  My feet are begging for a break, since I’ll be walking throughout Jerusalem for the next 2 days. How did the disciples do it???? Yikes!


On our drive back to K’zoo we found ourselves using a new phrase we learned this weekend from Noah, my friend, Michelle’s 3 year old son.  He loves to be silly and say it, while at the same time annoying his parents too. He told us it comes from a book he likes to read, but uses it in any situation.  For example: “Dad…guess what?” (Rick: “What, Noah?”) “Whooshi-gaga”… giggle, giggle, giggle.  

Our drive home was full of moments where whooshi-gaga was the only appropriate word, so in honor of little Noah….”WHOOSHI-GAGA”

(Micheal and Noah)

July 1st

Is it seriously July already??? Where has the time gone…I’ve already been in the states for almost a month now. WOW!

Coffee emergency!

My parents are not coffee drinkers (I know…the horror!).  Last night I spent the night at their house instead of my sisters, not putting this non-coffee drinking into account.  So, today when I was the only one at the house, with no transportation at all, it hit me.  I had no coffee!!!!  I tried to make it work, but I was sluggish and tired all morning, with a headache looming in the background.  Needless to say, it was not a fun day…

My mom brought me a cup home, but not till 3pm.  I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it. We then went to the store and I bought a coffee pot, a grinder, and some coffee.  You know you’re in trouble when the first things you buy, coming back to the states, are items relating to your addiction.   Shame!

Girls Eyes Only

I must warn any guys in advance that this blog entry is going to be “girly material.” If you still choose to proceed, don’t complain to me!

So, I’m really not a chocolate lover at all. Don’t like chocolate cake, chocolate candy bars (unless its a Mars or Almond joy and has coconut), and most chocolate desserts.  (though I do enjoy hot chocolate, but I’m realising its more of the “hot” that I like to warm me up)

I know, it breaks all the girl stereotypes out there, but what can I say.  I usually crave more salty than sweet. Give me chips and salsa any day of the week!  But, there is one time when I actually do feel the need to eat some M&M’s or a Hershey’s kiss or two.  Girls, can you all feel where I’m going with this?  (PMS, hush hush) Its the only time when I ever want chocolate.  Yes, its a small amount that I crave, but I do crave it nonetheless.  So, today when I was wishing for a bag of peanut M&M’s I knew what was coming and thought… “Lovely!”

The joys of womanhood.  Yeah, I know all the talk about how we are blessed, because it gives us the ability to bear children.  But, wouldn’t it be sooooo wonderful to be blessed with the ability to bear children without the monthly reminder of it?!?  hehehe  

Tell me….what is the one thing you crave when your time is coming?!?  (This question is for my really brave girl friends or some really, really brave and a bit strange guy friends…I don’t know, maybe they have girlfriends or wives or sisters)

ps…next topic: cramps, bloating, and mood swings.  (just joking)

My First Official Survey

This is ridiculously random, but here goes…..I was brushing my teeth this morning and realized that I was using hot water while I was brushing.  It hit me that I have been doing that for a while now.  I used to ONLY use cold water, but just this past year I began using hot water.  I don’t know why,  but I thought of how wierd it was that I just started changing water temperature since I moved to Africa.  I know….its a crazy thing to even be thinking about, but the mind is a tricky thing.  

Here’s my poll: the first one on my blog……

Do you brush you teeth using hot or cold water????  (Brain surgery type thinking, I know)

Send in your comments now!!!!

Spider bites…

I don’t think there has been one night since my arrival in Africa that I’ve awaken in the morning without a spider bite or two somewhere on me.  I woke up this morning with a bunch on my leg.  What a comforting feeling to know that I’m not sleeping alone; but what is even more scary….it doesn’t even phase me anymore!  GROSS!!!

80’s girl!

80s.jpg My dear, sweet Rishelle sent me this t-shirt that says it all!!!

Holiday Cheer

I am in full holiday mode now. Thanksgiving is over, my itunes are blasting Christmas music 24/7, and even Shoprite (the grocery store) has a full isle of Christmas stuff. I even found a Christmas countdown widget to add to my computer…and Christmas lights to border my desktop 🙂

I’m a proud aunt


There couldn’t be any better costume that what my nephew chose this year…a Brazilian Futebol Player. My cup runneth over!

I HATE FLIES!!!! (Just needed to vent)

Eu estou com saudades!!!

I woke up this morning, and for some reason I just had no desire for the English language. I am really missing speaking in Portuguese, so much so that I have succumbed to talking to myself; since I’m the only one I know here who speaks it. Sad, yes I know…but what’s a girl to do!

Entao….se voce fala portuguese, por favor…fala comigo! Eu nao quero falar somente com eu mesmo. 🙂


It’s truly amazing how something as simple as getting your hair cut and highlighted can bring such happiness to your life. Girls–you know what I’m talking about. After being out in the bush for the past 2 months, and living the life of un-girly like hygiene….sitting in that salon chair and getting my hair washed, cut, coloured, and blow-dried was heaven! I came out of there feeling like a whole new person. It’s the small things in life that bring us the most happiness, and I’m living proof of that. I just spent the most pleasurable 2 hours doing what most people think nothing of. Living accross the world, in a village where there is only one person who can cut “white” hair brings you to the place where getting a haircut is no longer taken for granted….its a priviledge!

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