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Church hoppin’

dscf1671There were no PEEPS or Cadbury Eggs for me this year. No Easter Egg Hunts, or baskets with that artificial green grass stuff.  I did have the privledge, though, to celebrate Easter in Jerusalem at the Garden Tomb.  Every year they have a special sunrise service at the EMPTY tomb to celebrate Resurrection Sunday.  

There are two sights that claim to be sight of Jesus’ tomb, and personally I think this is the correct one.  (my own opinion, even though it is backed up with some pretty heavy facts).  Its the one place in Jerusalem that you will feel more at peace than any other, not to mention the pure beauty of the surrounding gardens.  

We had to get up at 4am (yes, that is waaaaay too early for this girl!) to get good seats as the service began at 6:30am. They did a great job!  The songs were great, the sermon was wonderful, and the setting was a perfect as you can get for Easter….the EMPTY tomb site of Jesus!

After that, we strolled on through the Old City and ventured to the Christ Church, which is an Anglican church.  This service began at 9:30 and went for a whopping 2 hours!  Nothing against the Anglican’s, but its just not really my cup of tea.

After a long day of walking, traveling, church hoppin and traffic I am finally back home in TA!  What a day!!! I need a nap 🙂

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