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Birthday Bliss

This past weekend I turned 36 (though if anyone asks me, I’m still 35!) 🙂

I was so blessed to have some wonderful moments:

A friend gave me a full-day at a spa up in Tiberias, right on the Sea of Galilee…. fantastic!

Cotton Candy on the Boardwalk 🙂

My annual picture with the T-Rex!

VIP Movie Night at Cinema City… I don’t think I can watch a movie in the “regular” section ever again! LOL

Dead Sea and Ein Gedi to top off the weekend! 

Mediterranean Monday: I ♥ The Sea of Galilee

DSCF2148The Galilee region is so seeped in history, its almost impossible to go anywhere that isn’t represented in the Bible and history books. There are many churches, ruins, gardens, and landmarks explaining what happened here in the past:

* The Wedding Church: where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine (they claim to sill have a couple of the original jars from this event)
* The Beattitudes Monastary: On the mountain where the sermon of the Beattitudes took place. 

* The Church on the site where Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth

BUT, my absolute favorite place is the Sea of Galilee!!! There is no claiming  this was the site where something took place; it IS the place where the storm was calmed and HE walked on water.  Surrounded by hills and valleys, trees and shoreline, its absolutely breathtaking.  Standing on the Israel side, you can look across and see what is now Syria.  When I’m here, my mind automatically drifts back into the history and puts pictures with words.  I ♥ it!


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