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Star Wars Nerd with a Shoe Fetish

Over on the site, Fashionably Geek, they posted a picture of these:

The caption was, “If you’re a Star Wars nerd with a shoe fetish , you’ll love these Star Wars peep-toe pumps.”

I’m pretty sure, like 100%, they were talking to me specifically! 🙂

You had me at Hello.

bootsCould Calvin Klein boots get any better than this?

(I’m starting to think I need a separate category just for my boot/shoe obsessions….)

Friday Fun: I’m a Croc Hater (and not ashamed)

I hate Crocs!

I’m talking about the reptiles, but I’m not a fan of the shoes either.  Since I was little I’ve had this un-natural fear of crocodiles.  That might not be too wierd, a lot of kids are afraid of them, but here’s the thing….I grew up in MIchigan. We have NO crocs there!

I don’t really know where it came from, though I think I pin-point it to one of our yearly trips down to FLorida visiting my grandparents.  My (at the time) uncle took us fishing and told us there were crocs in the water so we had to be really careful. He then proceeded to tell us that they love to eat dogs, and when his two labs jumped in the water I was so mortified, I began screaming at him to make them come out.  Now that I look back at it, I’m not even sure there WERE any crocs in there at all, but he just said it to scare us a little.

Well, scare me he did! I had nightmares for a LONG time of crocs eating my family. (horrid!)

So, to this day I HATE them with a passion, and living in Africa with them all around me made it intensify! (seeing one eat a baby hippo made me want to kill them all myself) You won’t find me on any Save the Crocs list anytime soon, and I will even go as far as to say that in my opinion, this is the only thing they are good for:

croc stilsAren’t they just gorgeous!!! I seriously want a pair!!!

(ok, animal activists….let me have it!) hehehe

Happy Feet

I’m in love……..

Crocs, crocs, and more crocs

And I thought Americans had it bad….

They have nothing on Israeli’s.  Tel Aviv must be the capitol for Croc shoes, cuz its just about the only thing you see on feet.  My friend Sarah said it best, “If you are in doubt that someone is Israeli or not, just look at their feet.”   

And its true.  The worst thing about it though is you won’t see normal colors! Most are walking around with florescent, bright-colored crocs!  Ai Ai Ai!  


I finally found a normal color!!!

I finally found a normal color!!!


P.s.  If you EVER see me with crocs on, you’ll know I’ve crossed over to the dark side and I am giving you permission to slap me upside the head to bring me back.

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