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Summer Shower Poll

I haven’t done a poll in a while! Now that summer is upon us and the weather in the states has finally caught up with us (its been consistently HOT here for at least a month) my poll is going to reflect the type of shower you take (not quite brain surgery, but it runs a close 2nd).  

When its super HOT outside, do you still take HOT showers or do you take COLD ones?  

On twitter I admitted that I took my first COLD shower EVER last week, and since then I’ve taken many more.  Soooo, here we go……cast your vote:

All I want is a shower!

Today was one of those days!  We’ve all had them, I’m sure, so you can probably relate in some way or another…

Dave and I were the only ones working at the shelter today, which not only means more work, but constantly needing to be aware of everything.  That being said, one girl attacked another one (God only knows what that was about), leading to tears and bloodshed…another girl brought in drugs and we caught her with it in the bathroom…and another girls’ mind was so lost she was rambling on and on, making no sense what-so-ever the entire time she was there.  EXHAUSTING!  On top of all that, we still had all the daily to-do’s piled on.

While I was waiting for my bus to take the 30 minute trek back home, I thought, “All I want is a shower!”

The moment I walked in the door, I turned on the heater for the water. (We can’t just turn the faucet on here and get hot water.  It has to be heated up first, which takes about 20 minutes.) Usually my hot water runs out in the middle of the shower, so today I wasn’t in the mood for that. (I waited 45 minutes before getting in.)  

Needless to say that shower was the most glorious event of my day!  Like I said in the beginning…today was just one of those days!

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